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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

H.M.S Victory and Mary Rose - Portsmouth Historical Dockyard - Day 2

We were not allowed to take photos inside the ships because they were among those very important National treasures.

A short distance north of the landing stage for ferries to the Isle of Wight, the visitor will pass the gateway to the old docks in Portsmouth harbor. This is the site of Lord Nelson's flagship, which was built in 1765 and is almost 197ft/60m long, with five decks and 104 cannons. It was lifted from the sea in 1921 and restored. In his hour of victory at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805), barely 20 minutes after he had penetrated the French lines, Vice-Admiral Nelson was fatally wounded and died in the cockpit of his legendary ship, "HMS Victory".
In 1805, Vice Admiral Lord Nelson on board his flagship, HMS Victory, led 27 British ships into battle off Cape Trafalgar against a much larger combined French and Spanish fleet.

Thanks to Nelson's inspired leadership, the British won a great victory and the Battle of Trafalgar has become a defining moment in our history. But Nelson paid the ultimate price - struck by a single bullet as he paced the quarterdeck with his captain, Thomas Hardy, he survived just long enough to learn the outcome of the battle.

Photos taken as soon as we got out from this ship, we were hungry and thirsty after having our guided tour, listening to its history....

Dad was having Apple and Cinnamon Crepe...
This one is funny, I like it...hahaha
Mary Rose Ship Hall and Exhibition

The "Mary Rose", which formed part of the fleet of Henry VIII, is a ship of great historical interest. This four-decker boat, with its 91 bronze cannons, was built in 1509-10 from best Hampshire oak and enlarged to 700 tons in 1536. In 1545, during a sea battle against the French, it sank just a mile and a quarter from its home port. The sea was so rough during this battle that water entered the upper deck of the vessel through the cannon covers and within a short space of time the "Mary Rose" sank to the bottom of the Solent. In 1836 the first divers went down to look for the frigate, and from 1965 onwards the explorations were intensified. Finally, on October 11th 1982, the Tudor ship was lifted from the sea-bottom.

The hull of the Mary Rose, which is currently undergoing an active conservation process to preserve her for all time, can be viewed by the visiting public in the ship hall, which is a short walk from the Museum.
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irel said...

Nice kayau ang pix maam. ako pod ggusto kayau ko laag laag sa mga historic places ba. gusto pod ko visit sa mga museums kay part pod ba sa history. Take care always gwapa mwah!

Cecile said...

nice pictures, Madz, salamat for sharing them with us; pretty place also.

niko said...

naku naman kaloka ang mga photos mo buntis ha. now i wonder why ang mga inlaws mo ay hindi napagod.. naku kelalakas pa nila tlga :)

naku next time tlga, u have to know first kung tiring or relaxing ang papasyalan :)nang hirap pa kasi ur buntis and then nagpapakastress ka walking.. but its good to know na ur brave to tell them na ur tired na. u dnt have to push urself too hard just to please them.. naku please the baby first :)

anu naman ang pinaglilihihan mo ngayon ha?? kain lng ng kain dearie!! naku naexcite na ko na makta ang madz jr ha!!

yena is getting nga pla.. we have to bring her back to her pedia on friday.. sana payagan akong magleave but i bet hindi.. haaay. but am happy na she is ok na tlga.. thanks for ur concern ha..

ingat ka lagi jan!!

amiable amy said...

oyy, lingaw man diay ang inyo laag Madz...asus, mao nia nga gikapoy na jud ka pero cge lang japon

reklamo jud oy for your baby sake musanot ra naa sila in the few days...

ako sis naa na sya blog marife, laagan japon sa mga inani nga historic places

cge lang ug malain sila, basta okay ang feeling ni baby sa tyan mo, rest jud day kaydelikado man jud ka maburos

ingat lagi ha

kittykat said...

Hello Mare..naloka naman ako sa experience mo..Grabe naman napaka inconsiderate naman nila given your situation..Sana man lang naisip nila na aside from you are pregnant masilan pa talaga ang pregnancy mo..

But I am sure my dear that somehow they were able to realize that specially when you reacted..YAn talaga minsan ang difference dear noh..I think they didn't mean you any harm siguro dahil na rin yon sa difference in our culture and customs..

So how are you and the baby??I hope wala na ang pain..I hope you feel better now..You take care of yourself always ok..Hayaan mo na magtampo sila someday they will understand lalo na pag lumabas na yang little angel mo jan..

Lynn said...

lovely photos, sistah. katawa ko sa imo bana. haha. pero cute siya diha ha.

miss yah too sis and i was touched reading ur comment. but glad u and ur bb are ok, that's the most important thing. sige lang sis, don't let it worry u so much. basi makalain sa imo bb ba. sagdi lang sa sila, kalimti na ang to. hehe.

hope to talk to u soon sistah aron chika na pud. bisi bisihan pa life ko now eh. dropby lang ko diri para mabisita ka.

ingatz sistah. mwahugs!

faye said...

i love the photo of ur hubby madz...
parang tunay hehe

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Wow, very interesting.. How i wish i could see all these places and the boats..exhibition pa lang yan ha..You surely have enjoyed there te..the place is a must see and worth to be visited back...Hehehhe masyado akong late sa comment ahh..busy kasi sa isa kong blog hehehe...I am glad to learn new historical does mean na hindi lang sa Port Santiago dito sa Maynila at Cebu makikita ang remnants ng mga battle2x na ganyan..ung nga lang i havent seen a boat exhibit here yet..kelan kaya

amiable amy said...

Dear gwapa,
nia nagsulat ko kay wa lagi ko lingaw
naglaag mi karon , nangaon lang sa Applebees pero sa kanunay intawon akong beauty dili paga hikit an sa camera kay walay mukuha ....ako banana tapulan man , agoy before maglagot ko, karon , okay nako, dili nako mo request sa iyaha kay ako naman jud na accept nga dili jud ko diay ma discover pagka model , taman ra jud diay ko nga maniniyot

dinhi ra kutob, ang imong higala nga nag handum kanunay,

Amyat (LOL)

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