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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still on Holiday - Enjoying

Hey guys, I know you have missed me as I have not been around for quite a while now, have missed blogging too. There were couple of occassions that I wanted to sit down and start writing or even saying hello to my friends, but I the trouble is, and it could be even worse if I do, as I don't want to miss things here in the UK that we would be enjoying, since it is extremely lovely here at the moment, which is not too cold! Still summer though its quite close to winter now, loads of clearing sales everywhere (summer clothes).. LOL, which I don't want to miss, shopping and going around with my hubby and his family, which I do really enjoy a lot.

By the way, I would still be out until end of this month as my hubby and I will be going to our other home - which is the Philippines! Yes.. I have loads of things in my mind to write to share with you but again I don't have enough time.

Only one thing that is certain to happen, I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK SOON. God bless you all guys, more stories as soon as I get back.

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