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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy Day Yesterday

I wasn't able to do some blogging yesterday because we got a visit from my in-laws with their gorgeous grandson Alfie. By the way, hubby's parents sched to look after him is twice a week which is every Thursdays and Fridays, so, we thought might as well to have invited them with Alfie in our place.

In the early morning I felt sick after having my breakfast that had to go back to bed again, and didn't get up again until 12 noon, when they rang us to leave in 5 minutes time. Therefore, I had to rush getting in the bath (had a quick one soak with lukewarm water), in fact, I was still in the bath when they arrived! It only takes 45 minutes to an hour drive from their place to here. All I could hear was, the little boy talking.

Photo left, was on his favorite bin bag again watching Ceebees (child shows), which he really loves so much.
Later on we decided to go out walking around our village and also we went pass the street where they use to live. We really had fun while taking Alfie going up the stairs in the woodlands while in his push chair.Then we headed straight towards our house, however, the little man didn't want to call it a day yet! He was pulling off Mum's arm to go out with him again, and said "that way Nanna", and since we all tired, he started being miserable, so what hubby did was to get the rake and showed it to him which suddenly caught his attention!
It was getting dark already, so we had to take the rake off, but he didn't want to stop! But we managed in the end... I cooked 'PORK CASSEROLE' and we made the little one so hungry that all we could hear while eating was 'uuuummmmm', which only meant he enjoyed my food! Glad they enjoyed my cooking and had FRESH STRAWBERRIES WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM as desert.
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My Pregnancy Timeline

As soon as I've learned that I am pregnant, first thing came to my mind was to know exactly the week number I was into, and second, was to have checked online and have read what stage I was in my early pregnancy and how big my baby was inside my womb, etc... Pretty much exciting really, and the next thing I've done was to get my weekly pregnancy timeline to know exactly what's going on.

Life123 gives me all the informations I want to know about my baby inside. On my 9th week it says,
"Your baby starts moving this week. The baby is 1 to 1 ¼ inches this week and the arms and legs are getting longer. Hands meet over the heart and feet can almost reach each other. Eyelids almost cover the eyes". Now I am convinced that the occasional little pains I've been experiencing this week was my baby moving or twitching around.
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Fetal Development - I Am 9 Weeks Pregnant

Tomorrow is the end of 9th WEEK and will soon or not just yet, to finish my delicate first trimester of pregnancy. Hubby and I are keeping our fingers crossed to have finally will get over my first trimester, so as to give us relief as to whether our baby can be able to go through out its life 'til birth.

Baby Centre UK states that, by the tenth week of pregnancy, I may find myself riding pregnancy's emotional roller coaster, feeling moody one day and joyful the next. Disturbing as this is to some women who pride themselves on being in control, what you're going through is normal and will probably continue throughout your pregnancy. Up-and-down emotions are partly caused by raging hormones.

At week's end, fetus measures approximately 0.9 inches / 2.3 centimetres long. In both shape and size, it resembles a peapod and weighs less than a tenth of an ounce / 2 grams. The eyelids are fused and won't open until week 27. The wrists are more developed, ankles have formed, and the fingers and toes are clearly visible. Arms are growing longer and bend at the elbows. By week's end, the inner workings of the ears are complete. Though I can't yet identify the sex of the fetus by ultrasound
, its genitals have begun to form. By now the placenta has developed enough to support most of the critical job of producing hormones.

I will have soon need to make decisions about antenatal screening, and we have a complete guide to
antenatal tests.

• Note: Experts say every baby develops differently -- even in utero. These fetal development pages are designed to give a general idea of how a fetus grows in the womb.

How my life is changing:

Physically I'm unlikely to look pregnant unless this pregnancy isn't my first, but I may still feel very tired and sick - not necessarily in the mornings - so cosset yourself. Pregnancy hormones can also play havoc in other ways. Many women suffer from painful headaches and back problems such as sciatica and, unfortunately, these hormones also help make the perfect environment for vaginal thrush. Whatever your particular pregnancy bugbear, follow our suggestions for natural remedies you can try.

Source: Baby Centre UK
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Real Time Leads at My Voice Dialing

In today's highly competitive mortgage market one of the biggest problems for mortgage brokers is getting enough high quality mortgage leads. I do believe that every businesses would ever do whatever only to strengthen and maximize its investment return and would eventually supply its great supply targeted new clients.

Apparently, My Voice Dialing
provides voice broadcast and robo calls for Our main target is Mortgage Leads, Loan Mod Leads and Loan Modification Leads. Check now for what they can offer and the benefits and advantages of using

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Proposed To Marry Tag

I got tagged by my dear friends Amy and te Cecile (sorry for it took so long for me to post this tag), thanks for the thought as usual and soon realized that I got the same from my new friend Maria. Nice to have read about your stories sisters, and now its my turn....and I am tagging everyone, enjoy sharing your stories....

It is pretty much normal to most women or all "brides-to-be", that they all make their efforts to have a very unique, gorgeous and successful engagement parties. As you can see on magazines and television about engagement stories, how romantic they were, and read various stories.

Let me ask one thing? Have you ever think of taking that step "proposal" and about of having an engagement party in the middle of nowhere? This was my real life's experience in the middle of nowhere Angola, Africa.

It was late 2006 after 3 years of been together (we met at work, became friends and lovers in the end). The pressure of actually coming up with an idea for popping the question was one of our primary concern during those times, since we were together for such a long period of time that made us really close. We both even were relatively sure "we were going to say yes". However, instead of popping up the typical question "will you marry me", we both asking each other "ARE WE BOTH READY FOR A LIFETIME COMMITMENT"?, and both were in teary eyes, very romantic though. It was November of 2006 and I didn't get my ring until we went on leave together last February 2007, and we did finally announced our engagement by May 19th at the same year by throwing a party. We were blessed with a heavy rain 2 hours before the time (6-8pm), it did stop at about the right time @ half passed the 8th in the evening! WOW amazing wasn't it?

Few months after I got my ring, we started making plans while still in the middle of nowhere and working at the same time! I didn't find it difficult because I had all internet access. In short, I just use email to contact suppliers, etc...

Indeed, the engagement ring is usually a time when you're walking on air. There's nary a care in the world and it's like the two of you are in your own special space bubble, lost in time and space. It's a different dimension and most things that happen around me either don't intrude into my space or they don't affect. It's a glorious feeling and very often, that's the way it goes right through from the time the engagement ring is slipped on up to the time the wedding ring joins it on my finger.

To read my own planning stories, click the links below:
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Why We Chose Le Canonnier Resort
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My Personalized Wedding Program for a Budget Beach Wedding
My Personalized Wedding Favors and Place Card Holders

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Easter Break in Wales

Wow good timing! As hubby and I we'll be here on Easter and have really thought of going somewhere different. We might have to consider of going to South of Wales after having read about the UK's only Coastal National Park located in Pembrokeshire Wales, and Tenby is an ideal place to spend our holiday.

Spring is in the air! This would really be the perfect and a wonderful time to visit the area and experience the freedom of walks along miles of soft sandy beaches, the ruggedness of the Pembrokeshire coast path or just explore the welcome of the quaint little towns and villages dotted around the county.

Wales Holiday Cottage with their special extras will even make our break just that little bit extra special! So, check it out and start planning now.
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Weekend with my In-Laws for 'Post Christmas Celebration' and 'Birthday Bash'

We spent the whole weekend at my in-laws place, as Mum had prepared us a "Post Christmas Dinner" the fact that we weren't here last Christmas. Very sweet of you Mum and thanks for the thought, you've always been appreciated! She made an English traditional food, which I really did enjoy it, in fact, I had two plates LOL... one for me and the second one was for my baby hehehe... Photos below.....hubby's sister below us with son Alfie and her husband, his brother lives in Cornwall which is miles away, so didn't manage to come!

...(sorry folks I didn't manage to inform you that I was going to be away for the weekend)...

We actually arrived quite late (Sunday afternoon), so when we got there everything has already been prepared, considering that it was only half passed 2 in the afternoon while you would think that DINNER will be between 7-8pm! But here dinner is called as 'TEA'...

....2nd celebration.....

The following day, Monday was my Mum-in-law's birthday! So it was a double celebration... Hubby and I decided to give her a TOSHIBA LAPTOP which really made her so happy as ever, though she wasn't really expecting to have gotten any expensive present from any of her children, but we thought Mum deserved the best this time, after having done loads of favors especially for us, every time we were away at work and also this was my hubby's first time to be at home on her birthday since 1998 (since he left for Angola to work), he'd always came home in a different time of year!

ALFIE - hubby's nephew, his sister's son and first grandchild (photo below at his best), had really grown up a lot since September, the last time we were here. He says a lot of words now and mind you, we have to be very careful of what we say because he says what he hears! He's 2 years old this coming June 9... AS GORGEOUS and CLEVER as EVER!

We came back home only yesterday evening with TERRIBLE HEADACHE and A RUNNY NOSE huhuhu, I was really bad then that I didn't manage to visit you guys. In fact, didn't even bother to take a shower... was very poorly then! and quite frustrated though since we knew I couldn't take any medicine except I had Honey and Lemon. I must be over tired or something that caught up with such a bad day, or maybe I still have to get used to the English weather lol...

I feel much better now, but still having colds and a little bit of headache but at least not as bad as yesterday! I will try to catch my dear friends, sisters and Dangz... SEE yah and catch you soon....
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Take VPN To Protect Your Privacy Over The Internet

Nowadays, we can never guarantee anymore that using internet can be more safer than it used to! But since we have long adopted internet transactions which we have found more easier and convenient; such as banking, shopping, paying bills, etc we need to protect our identity or any personal informations that hackers or anybody may get into.

We need a powerful vpn service for a safer and secure internet surfing, with virus and malware protection too.
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Have I Told You That I Have 2 PLACENTAS Inside My Womb?

That's right, (it showed when they made an ultrasound) but whether they would mean with having more than one or nothing at all, we still have to confirm or just have to wait until my last trimester to come. Uuuummm made me feel excited but anxious at the same time because they were both empty (not showing any embryo or fetus at all), but then it was still too early to tell until I had my first proper Gyne scan the day before I got out from the hospital, WHICH SHOWED ONLY ONE BABY inside one big placenta. Where did the other one go?

...but what do FRATERNAL and IDENTICAL TWINS explain:

Fraternal Twins

Fraternal twins are the result when two different eggs (ova) are fertilized by two different sperm. This leads to the development of two separate placentas, each with its own chorion and amnion. These are more common than identical twins and account for about 2/3 of twin pregnancies.

Identical Twins

Identical twins develop when a fertilized egg splits. Depending on when the split occurs will determine if the twins share a placenta, with either one or two chorions and amnions, or if they each develop their own placentas. In general, the later the spit occurs, the more likely that the twins will share one placenta.

Fraternal vs. Identical Twinning

Even after they are born, it is sometimes difficult to know whether twins are identical or fraternal. It can be easier if they:

  • share one placenta (identical)
  • are different sexes (fraternal)
  • have different blood types (fraternal)

It is harder to know if they are the same sex, have the same blood type, or if there are two placentas, since they could then be either fraternal or identical twins.

Don't be fooled by a fused placenta (fraternal twins), which can look like it is just one placenta, or if the twins don't look alike. Sometimes, factors during the pregnancy, especially twin to twin transfusion syndrome, can lead to identical twins that have very different birth weights and are mistakenly thought to be fraternal. And sometimes, fraternal twins can look enough alike to be confused with identical twins.

If you or your doctors aren't sure of the zygosity of your twins, you can consider having DNA testing done.

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Do You Want to Extend The Life Of Your OLD Sofa?

Have you ever thought that their might be a solution of your old sofa instead of getting rid of it and buy a new one? Think before you do it, especially that we could not really afford of losing any penny due to economic crisis! It has been recorded that every year many sofas get thrown away!

Apparently, Save Our Sofas promotes the re-use of unwanted sofas, increasing the life-cycle o your home furnitures. Must be a very good idea in this creeping economy we are facing right now, so why not saving the lives of your sofas and check SOS of what they can do for you to save the amount of money intended to buy other more vital ones.

Win Free Re-upholstery by sending your ugliest sofa in the world, and the winner will be awarded in courtesy of Plumbs. Entries will close by the 15th of July 2009, why not who knows you'll be one of the lucky winners.
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Dying Jade Goody Prepares for Her Wedding Tomorrow

Terminally ill Jade Goody woke up this morning to an idyllic view from her bedroom window - and set about pinning down Girls Aloud to play at her wedding.

The cancer-stricken star, who arrived home yesterday, wants the Brit Award winners to sing for her and Jack Tweed on Sunday, and it also emerged that the 27-year-old will have a special pouch in her wedding dress for her medication.

The bride-to-be, who was yesterday wheeled out of hospital on a morphine drip and sucking a “lollipop” of painkillers, will have to top up her pain relief on the big day.

Goody will be marrying boyfriend Jack, 21, at Down Hall Country House Hotel, Hertfordshire, before returning to her nearby Essex home for the reception.
She was taken home by ambulance after doctors who can do no more to halt the spread of her illness agreed she could leave the Royal Marsden.

Picture of Jade Goody above picking her wedding ring have been released as whirlwind preparations are underway to ensure she has the perfect wedding day.

Read whole stories here: SkyNews, Dailymail UK
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Political Forums Website

One way of learning new things is to involve ourselves in forums, discussions, to write something about anything that interest us. This is quite interesting upon knowing everybody's views and opinions.

Apparently, Argue with everyone is an open website, free speech zone which you can debate any topic you want. All you do is simply register, add and edit your profile and in just few seconds, you are free to access its political message boards and start your own topic and send comments too.
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Fetal Development - I Am 8 Weeks Pregnant

I am going to bore you now with all my pregnancy stories, diaries, etc... This is what my baby looks like inside my womb, feels good to monitor its growth every now and then!

Apparently, an EMBRYO is now called a FETUS, which means "offspring". Uterus expands to accommodate its new resident, which now measures approximately 0.6 inch / 1.6 centimetres.

Many changes take place this week -- the embryonic tail is gone, and all organs, muscles, and nerves are beginning to function. The hands now bend at the wrist, and the feet begin to lose their webbed appearance. Eyelids are beginning to cover the eyes.

Pregnancy changes our figure as well. Breasts may have grown large enough that need bigger bras with better support than your old ones. May have notice waistline expanding as well, forcing to pack away favourite jeans until next year:). It says that, if you drink plenty of fluoridated water -- eight glasses or more a day -- you should be getting enough fluoride so calcium and phosphorus will bond well in your baby's developing teeth and bones.

Source: Baby Center UK
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You Should See Elton LIVE in Las Vegas

Are you a big fan of Elton John? Are we all not? Now here is your chance to see him performing live in Las Vegas. He has loads of shows coming up, so better check Las Vegas Shows to get your ticket today! Remember, they sell out so quickly!

Elton John's carrer is indeed a legendary. In fact, his most recent album has gone double-platinum, and he has also received Grammy Awards including Grammy Legend Award!

The sights and sounds of Las Vegas accompanied by the sights and sounds of Elton John make for a truly unforgettable evening. The legendary singer, song-writer, philanthropist and absolute musical genius is now performing live on stage in Elton John and the Red Piano at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The piano is of course red and Elton John is accompanied by a beautifully paired band, turning this jam packed performance into a production as colorful as the man himself. The Red Piano is not just a show; it’s a complete evening of talent that can be enjoyed by the most avid Elton John fan and music lover alike.

Exclusive to Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, since 2003, Elton John creates music magic with his new show "The Red Piano" in the Colosseum. Working with renowned photographer and director David LaChappelle, The Red Piano takes the audience inside Elton John's world. This distinctive show blends together Elton John's incredible music and showmanship with vibrant visual imagery to create a show unlike any other Elton John has performed. LaChapelle creates a dreamscape of richly flowing imagery of Las Vegas and landmark icons created to give the audience a wonderful new, three dimensional perspective of Elton John and Bernie Taupin's most memorable compositions.
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We Went Shopping Today

Was quite pleasant today, though the sun didn't come out (as usual) and FREEZING COLD outside!! ggggrrrrr... We managed to leave early, just right after lunch and asked hubby to take me some photos outside our flat before hitting the misty road!

We headed straight to Ashford town center where we parked, and visited Mother Care shop to have bought some preggy trousers only (most of my tops still do fit), support bras, and bigger size ehem hahaha (you know what I mean), due to size addition :)... and went to the Pound Land - where everything is £1, loads of bargain. Was going to buy plenty there but hubby was complaining of carrying heavy stuffs while walking around, poor guy! :)

Apart from buying preggy clothes, part of our plan was to treat himself a new LG LCD HD Ready Television
- 32" HD Ready 1080P LCD TV with intelligent sensor adjusting to your surroundings so you don't have to.
  • HD Ready 1080p
  • Built-in digital TV tuner
  • 50,000 : 1 dymanic contrast
  • Dual XD Engine Image technology
  • SRS Trusurround
He installed it straight away as soon as we got back in, I made myself as a model:) in my big round face, trying to hide my baby bump!
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Football4Profit: Way for Online Bookmakers

Weather you are interested in sports, online games or any Online Bookmarkers gives you a good opportunity for betting online. These places for betting online enable you to exchange all your knowledge about sports into real money by using your expertise to predict game results. All you need is your pocket money, your special knowledge about you favourite sport and a little bit of luck – then there are great winnings on its way to you.

Football 4 Profit can basically provide you with professional advice from their expert tipsters before you place your betting, a one click away for online betting places
. Through here you can also be able to learn about other sports betting sites like cricket, golf, horse racing, and many more.
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Life Between Angola and UK

Despite of our case where things were almost impossible and things don't normally work out easily in Angola, things went perfectly fine and well ogranized, just about, enough time to say....

..... "WOULD HAVE BEEN LATE AND COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE IF WE OR THEY DIDN'T PAY ATTENTION TO MY CASE"!!... All things went possible because of all your prayers and support, thank you all my friends...

Anyway, to make the story short - we left mine site early in the morning for us to have drove slowly not to stress myself in a bumpy road we have at work, then arrived at other mine site just about lunch time, we had lunch and at around half passed 2 in the afternoon we finally left! A big smile behind my worried eyes and face were being left behind - a message I have left to some of our friends that, MY BABY AND I WERE GONNA BE FINE...

We arrived at about 5pm, straight to the hospital but I was feeling really bad due to long hours of sitting down and had to hold myself peeing for almost 2 hours. You know what hospitals like, we waited for almost an hour to be called in for my blood pressure, then had to wait another almost an hour again for the consultation to a doctor but not an OB-Gyne one, so we waited again for the proper doctor be available, however, we didn't call in again not until 9:30 in the evening, I was getting very hungry and extremely tired!

I had my SCAN right after my consultation, plus MALARIA and URINE tests which both bad news! I still had malaria and the infection or bacteria was so bad that they had to confine me straight away that night! So I stayed and finally lied down after midnight already, after 6 hours of battling, went backwards and forwards to got everything done!

What a miraculous coincidence that the specialist OB-Gyne that night was the top one in Angola (also known by many Asian people in Luanda)
... It was one of the positive signs God had administered to us - that my baby will be safe! She said that if we've had waited for more days, it could have been too late for my baby - the fact, that I didn't feel him/her during that night and the scan showed an EMPTY PLACENTA with abnormalities sorrounds it! It scared us a lot, and I started crying...

The following morning, I had a visit from my doctor she checked my abdomen with a big smile on her face after, "she said then that my baby is now safe"...I had tears on my eyes thanking God for protecting both of us, but they had to hold me at least for 10 days to complete my medication (for both Malaria and UTI). She visited me everyday, checking up my tummy and they monitored my blood pressure and urine, I was progressing everyday.

...though I was on my own (hubby had to go back to the mines the following Monday), I never felt sad and lonely - I was feeling so positive about my case that if I managed to hold on, I AM SAVING MY BABY TOO....I had books with me to read, watching TV sometimes though it was a bit irritating with some of Angolan nurses sometimes (not observing proper hygeine), I was so pissed off couple of occassions to have noticed them not spraying anticeptic on thermometer, that I had to grab it from them to clean it myself... It was quite a very sad experience really, together with their horrible smell, sharing bathrooms, with the other TV so loud that I could barely heared mine and hearing them talking so loud anytime... but I chose to ignore them and focus on positive thoughts, or rather sleep most of the times... I stayed for complete 11 days on my own, and I managed to survive because of my baby...

I had my scan again the day before I got out - I SAW MY CUTE BABY (fetus) WITH THE HEART PUMPING SO FAST, was an amazing feeling, the very first time I've had ever seen a tiny fetus on monitor, with a tiny heart too. I felt to have been so lucky and a message that says - MOMMY I AM YOURS, I AM SAFE NOW AND WILL BE SEEING YOU SOON...

Now, I am 2 months and 4 days pregnant - showing my bump already and have put on weight for at least a month of not doing some exercise while craving for different foods everyday, feeling hungry all the time, that if I don't listen to what my craving says I get funny nausea, start to feel sick which is weird!

By the way, had to fly on BUSINESS CLASS from Johannesburg to London - a 12 hour flight, for the very first time.... (Luanda to Johannesburg was only 3+ hours so didn't bother to book on business class). So it was like sleeping in a cosy room with single bed, was lovely! Thanks to hubby for organizing a special flight for me.....

Foods I craved so far:
- Green Apples (sweet) - during the 1st month, I don't like them much now....
- Chocolates - during the 1st two weeks when I realized I was pregnant, I don't like them now...
- Fish - 4 days I was at the hospital that I wanted to eat fish all the time, I have fish occassionally here but not a lot. On our 2nd night at hubby's parents house, his mother prepared fish for tea (dinner), I was horribly sick after eating!
- African Sweet Mango - I had them everyday when I was at the hospital...
- Various Fruits like Banana, Pineapple, Kiwi, Oranges, Plums, Mangoes, etc - all the time!
- Noodles and Pancit Canton - one day when I was feeling hungry and knew exactly what I wanted, we had to drive to buy at the Oriental food shop, I was then so happy! :)
- Tinned Jack Fruit - I saw at the chinese shop, and craved all of a sudden, we bought too and had right after had noodles soup.
- Indian Korma - I had to cook myself to have this food, we just bought the sauce in a jar and add chicken breast slices + spices.

... and the rest, are just by taste at 'spur of the moment' and been eating every now and then...
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Life's Perception & Inspiration: Greetings From Angola/UK

My Life's Perception & Inspiration: Greetings From Angola/UK
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