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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meet Christians Online

Meeting people online is quite interesting really, especially for the very first time. But chatting with someone you know you are in the same position, would be as much as interesting!

Christian Chat Rooms is a perfect place for Christians to chat and meet online. This is absolutely free, so all you have to do is to register to create your account and that's it, you can start chatting with hundreds of Christians world wide and see them on webcam too for 100% free.
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Alfie Had His New Hair Cut

He's really got a boyish look now than a baby look!

Plus he also got a new baby friend. LOL, he always want his baby with him wherever he goes, whether to go shopping or bed time or watch TV and the baby has to sit in front of the television as well so she can watch hahahaha. Maybe, he's doing some practice so he can be trusted to look after my baby....
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Thought Of Having A Personalized Number Plate?

Yes that's right, Northumbria Numbers offers us all the personalized or private number plates (any combination we want) and DVLA car registrations. That includes the new style registration plates with current DVLA number plates.

Why choose the Northumbria Numbers for your car registrations and personalized number plates? Well, consider these facts. They already have supplied thousands of private numbers to thousands of happy customers nationwide over the last decade.

Procedure is easy and fast, inexpensive, all-inclusive. You can either send your online enquiry and or by contacting them by the phone numbers provided.
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Splashing in Puddles Day for Alfie

It has been raining a lot for these past couple of days, so we've been having miserable days indeed! But it didn't stop us from visiting them Thursday and stayed overnight. First words I heard him saying was "mommy boots, puddles". They then explained to us what it was all about.... that he had to walk through going to his Nanna's house with his mum wearing his boots (they only live close to each other), and making splash in puddles along the road.
Here he is with hubby, outside my in-law's house. He cried a lot after we got back from Tesco as he wanted to go straight to their house, not his Nanna's house. So hubby had to stay outside with him and making big splash in puddle right in front of their together. We all then heard his cheeky laugh. He was trying to jump bigger on it, to get a bigger splash!!!I really enjoyed watching them while taking photos....
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Bargains For Us On Fall and Winter Apparel

Economic recession won't really stop us from being a shopaholic, would it? Though we cut our spending habit on other things but never on shopping, especially if we see big discounts or bargains. However, this may happen to moms with having a little bit of extra money or to those who don't have plenty kids to treat themselves and even the whole family. But what about to those moms who have more than one or two children, who's been feeling extremely down because of economic situation?

While we all know that before it gets better it gets worse and worse. Do you feel busted about it? Sometimes it does make us feel bad especially when we wanted to buy something for our kids or for us which we can't really afford. But don't worry Sears is the answer.

They are giving away huge discounts from 75-80% off on Fall and Winter Clothing from now and up until 18th of April. This is our chance to enjoy shopping. What are we waiting for?

Just simply follow Busted Moms on Twitter plus you'll get Sears gift cards @bustedmoms
for those feeling busted due to economy downturn and Sears will keep you posted for hot deals. Also become a fan of Sears Busted Moms on Facebook, and you could also $2,500 price package from Sears. I have done all these myself, what are you waiting for. This is a very good chance for us to enjoy shopping without worry. Click HereClick HereClick Here

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Don't Pay For Free Coupons For EBay?

As many of you know eBay has coupons that allow you to save when making a purchase. The problem is that these coupons are free and there are lots of people out there who are selling lists of these coupons.

Some of these lists that people are buying don't even work any more and this is why. When the coupon numbers are created there is a set dollar amount that is assigned to it. Once that dollar amount has been reached then the coupon will no longer work. There are many places online where you can get these coupons for free. But be aware that just because you have the code doesn't mean it is going to work. eBay coupons are used up very quickly and if you get one that has been used up you will just have to go get another one and give it a shot.

It can be a hit and miss process but in the end you will end up saving yourself a lot of money with very little work. But you don't have to take my word for it. If you are already a eBay shopper than you will be able to save yourself a bundle if not and this is your first time shopping on eBay than you can make your first experience that much better.

Don't fall into the mistake that many have made by paying for you coupons that may not even work. Make sure you get them for free and use them as quick as possible because they do stop working quickly. But there will always be another on out there that you can find and use. If you would like to find out more about eBay coupons you can
Click Here and visit a blog all about ebay Coupons. The main thing you must remember is that these coupons are free. No matter what anyone says you can find them and use them without having to pay for them.
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Pamper Yourself With Modern Beds

It has almost been three years since we acquired our flat. But we then didn't really bother to buy new furniture, bedding, appliances, etc. since we were both working in Angola! To be honest with you, when we first moved in here we got my husband's sister's old bed, and sofa from his parents.

However, as years gone passed, they are not as comfortable as they were years ago especially the bed! Thought we both deserve a new one, we deserve a treat! Why not, right? Since we have been working so hard....

Photo above is a Palermo Divan bed, this is what we both wanted to buy, which is apparently has an incredible storage capacity since this comes with under bed drawers that can be used for various purposes. This will also remove the need of fitting clothes under the beds as well as you need not struggle anymore to try and fit boxes underneath the bed.

A sound sleep is something that many people crave for all their life. To be able to achieve it, it is essential to have a good, reliable bed to sleep on right? Metal Beds
would do as well, but then our flat is in the 2nd floor, so, it is not quite a good idea really.
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Alfie Ready To Go Home

I always miss Alfie a lot (hubby's nephew), and we make sure to see him at least once a week (when my in-laws have him). There was never been a visit without a single click of my camera. So its like I have a weekly photo diary of him. This was taken last week.

He was ready to go home after a day with his Nanna and Grandad, in his smart look while saying goodbye to his TV mates playing on (In The Night Garden) - childrens' DVD and one of his favorites.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Low Cost Car Rental Online

Do you travel a lot to different countries? Let say we are new to that particular country or place, is it not the main concern would always be on how to wander around and explore cities without losing time in catching up public transports like trains and bus. We know that taking public transports is way cheaper than taking a taxi in every place we wanted to visit. However, there is always a disadvantage on this, we tend to walk more too since they do stop only in stations especially trains. So what is the best solution then?

Apparently, car hire provides the low cost which you can still save money, an online car hire specialist, and regarded as one of the leading international car rental brokers with a worldwide network of more than 2,400 car hire locations in over 60 countries. EasyCar offers a wide range of vehicles for your car hire from super-mini and compact cars to MPV's and luxury cars at great value for money. All we do is to get online and book through there, select the country and that's it, easy and simple.

Lucky that I have found this car hire Glasgow since we are going to spend at least a week through 'til the Easter Sunday in Scotland. We don't need to worry about of getting around, we have decided to hire one car from them.

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Our Trip to Dover - The White Cliff City

Buckland Hospital (where I had my scan) is in Dover, still part of Kent. We left home with the sun shining, but it was raining as soon as we got there. It would have been nice to see its beauty if it was only a very good day! To see the result of my scan, please read "Our Bundle of Joy".

Dover is where one of the most famous landmarks of Kent located - The White Cliff
, which form part of the British coastline facing the Straight of Dover and France. We took this photo from a distance, it was quite busy with the lorries coming in and going out the country.

The cliffs have great symbolic value for Britain because they face towards Continental Europe across the narrowest part of the English Channel, where invasions have historically threatened and against which the cliffs form a symbolic guard. Because crossing at Dover was the primary route to the continent before air travel, the white line of cliffs also formed the first (or last) sight of the UK for travellers.

We didn't manage to get a good location to have taken a photo of Dover Medieval Castle. Constructed around the same time as the Tower of London (late 11th century), Dover Castle stands as one of the earliest castles built by William the Conqueror after his conquest of Anglo-Saxon England. Duke William had the castle built near an old Roman lighthouse and burgh, which King Harold (the last Saxon king of medieval England) established sometime before the Norman invasion in 1066. None of William’s constructions, however, survive to this day. The great keep dates back to King Henry II’s reign in the 1180s and is still there today.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Various Elegant Home Furniture To Choose From

I myself is crazy about home furniture and sofas especially those ones made up of different woods! If I could only buy and collect them, I would have done it already or if my husband and I will be given a chance to get a bigger house, will buy these sorts of furniture. Imagine how they do require big space in one house.

Photo above is an Elegant Wood Formal Dining Pedestal Table
for a decent dining size dining room. A pedestal table with carved dining table top profiles and serpentine shapes which are perfectly complimented with the arm and side carved drape chair. Not only this style you could ever see here, there are lots of designs for you to choose from.

While this one is a Heritage Cherry Office Furniture Collection features traditional English styling in a gorgeous cherry finish. Isn't it gorgeous?

If you have no time to go around shops, and have been looking for these types of furniture - elegant wooden home office furniture, you came at the right place, check now to get free shipping and free in home set-up. So its a worry free.
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Live in the UK Test Book

Thanks to my new friend Marifen for posting about having a test when applying for a visa (British Nationality or Indefinite Leave to Remain), which I didn't know about this thing before. Lucky me that I bumped into her blog and have found out about this book. Thanks sister, I will owe you if I pass the test..:) Thanks for sharing your experience to your readers..

I bought one in Amazon (£2 cheaper) than in WHSmith, have started reading it already, and have found it very helpful, practical information about United Kingdom (have to memorize most).

We are going to Central London by early April to start my application. As of the moment, what hubby and I are aware of that, I am qualified to apply for this Indefinite Leave to Remain, otherwise, will have another option if to be given.

Will keep you posted for any progress soon.
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Keeping In Touch With Jewish

It has been very handy when we are a member of a site or any sites where people talks the same thing, and "singing the same tune".

Jewish Chat Room provides a free registration which you can enjoy 100% free chat and live cam. If you are a Jewish, you can simply register here and start enjoying the opportunity.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Penmanship Tag

Amy of Business Matters and Lynn of Mah so-called Life gave me this tag, thanks so much!. I also call this a very unique yet interesting tag as through here we could see our friends' writings. It has always been a pleasure to be one of your friends.
So here is mine.... and here's the Rules are:
  1. Write down who tagged you in white paper and your answer in number 2 and 3. Take a photo of it and upload the photo in your blog to share us how your handwriting looks like.
  2. Answer these:
- your name/user name/ pseudo
- right handed or left handed ?
- your favorite letters to write ?
- your least favorite letters to write?
- Write " The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. "

3. Tag five people. These are the five people whom I am tagging:
1) Julian (mommy J)
2) Eds
3) Meryl
4) Rechie
5) Te Beng

Go go go, show us yours then....
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best Medicine In Getting Rid Of Facial Acne

Acne is one of facial problems youngsters suffer at some point. I am one of the lucky women who never experienced it. Pimples on you back or chest can be hidden under clothing even in the summertime, but your face is always exposed. Every person you meet will look you in the face and even if no comment is made you know what they are all thinking, don’t you?

The good thing about it is that, facial acne is easier to treat than body acne, but has a bigger chance of coming back in the form of flare-ups. To be able to get rid of this why not trying acne products - The Lexi Acne Kit made with Aloe Vera, formulated with a highest quality ingredients. They are bioactive, Aloe Vera based to control inflammation.
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We Have Made The Most Of The Sunshine

We have been having sunshine since Sunday until today, it has been lovely days. Therefore, we tried to enjoy it as much as we can because it only happens for couple of weeks every year.

We have been doing some gardening, raking off dry leaves and mowing long grasses. Then we went to DIY shop to buy some gardening equipments and some summer seeds too. So, in a short period of time we are going to have beautiful garden which was being left untouched and full of rubbish since the last time we were here last September. Can't really wait to see my garden full of gorgeous flowers.In addition to gardening, we also managed to accomplish some more like going back to the NHS office to submit our application for free health services, and paying Council Taxes too.

If the day starts with the sun shining, its always nice to go out isn't it?

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What Have You Done Since High School?

To be honest with you guys, I really have missed my high school days. However, as much as I love my high school years, I hate going back though. What I have been longing is to meet some of my classmates who are in other countries now other than their home town, and have thought of having our first time ever high school reunions, but then contacting all of our classmates would be a little bit of a nightmare.

After high school, I went off to Cebu to have worked in a department store for a year then I was so blessed of my Auntie to have offered to have sent me to university, but have had to go to Manila and she had to chose the course for me to take, which I liked it in the long run. I graduated, and managed to get a job right after graduation. However, not even two years of working in Manila, I applied for a job abroad which I was accepted! It was year 2001 until February this year.

While working in Angola, I met my husband (we first became friends, then lovers for almost 4 years), and he then proposed to marry him! We finally got married last November 30, 2007. Now, we are expecting our first baby....

How about you guys? What have you been doing since high school? You can share yours here too.
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The Beaulieu Abbey - Day 3

This Abbey is also at the same area as Motor Museum at Beaulieu, so very convenient to see not only once place at the same time!
It was founded by King John in 1204, was, for three hundred years, the largest Cistercian monastery in England, however many of its buildings were destroyed during the Reformation in 1538. A film presentation and and exhibition tell the story of the Abbey and the life of its monk founders and impressive wall hangings depict scenes from its history. Take a stroll in the fragrant Cloisters, planted with sweet smelling herbs.

The Palace House

The Palace House was created in 1538. Formerly the Great Gatehouse of Beaulieu Abbey, the monastic origins of Palace House can clearly be seen as you walk through the magnificent Lower Drawing Room and spacious Dining Hall. You'll receive a warm and friendly welcome from household characters of the Victorian era and learn what life was really like "Upstairs and Downstairs". Enjoy delving into the Montagu family's past and see many rare and fascinating family treasures, portraits and photographs.
The Secret Army Exhibition tells the story of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) which trained secret agents at the Beaulieu 'Finishing School' during WWll. The exhibition introduces visitors to the training schools, instructors, secret agents and unsung heros of the SOE, their training and secet missions. A film presentation shows how the 'Finishing School' operated in total secrecy for four years.

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Advantages of a Smart Garden Office

Sounds really interesting to bring business at home, in a gorgeous garden being surrounded by natural resources like flowers, plants, etc... Realizing that there could be no better place to fulfill your dream of having a small office amidst the greenery of nature.

Apparently, many people choose to use a spare room of their home to use for their business. If there isn’t an extra room, they may simply section off a corner of a room for their desk and other office supplies, however, garden offices are one room outbuildings that are designed to house everything you need to properly work at in a spacious area other than home. The commute is just a short walk away from your home, but the space your business will be entitled to is worth every step.

Plus it solved
the issues related to a constrained budget, especially if you could not afford to buy a plot and then spend loads of money building a proper building at the same.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Diamond Industry Distress Worsens

You may guys wonder that until now we or at least hubby is still here in the UK spending his vacation, which only supposed to be a month only and would have been back to Angola to go back to work again. However, it has already been more than a month since we've arrived. Could it happened for some reason other than recession or we really both wanted to stay together at least until I give birth?...

Well, I remember when I first got pregnant by early last year, we both didn't want to stay away from each other (we were not ready to separate) even if it would meant for me to stay in the bush while pregnant! However, I had miscarriage and we were in deep distress, and feeling so unlucky to have lost our twin babies. Everything happens for a reason, I do believe that. While recession hasn't been hit globally specifically diamond industry yet, though we lost one thing, but we gained another thing, of being confident of staying jobless in the future which we thought it might happen. Which it does happen right now......

First reason is, he finished his work permit just 2 days after we left Angola last first week of February and there is no certainty if and when they are going to organize its renewal, the fact that they can't be able to sell their production, in short, no incomings financially while still spending millions every month, and this is the second reason why they haven't let people on vacation to return work yet. In fact, January and February salaries are still on hold due to financial crisis.

The good thing about it is that, at least he's with me while battling with my cravings and would be nice if he'd be here until I give birth. It could be anytime soon he'll go back but still no news about it yet!

Again, it depends on the diamond market.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do You Wanna See Michael Jackson's Comeback?

Indeed, we all have missed Michael Jackson's appearances, since the last time! The "King of Pop" will be performing LIVE in O2 Arena in London. He will kick off the residency on July 8 and conclude it on July 28.

Thousands of fans from as far away as Australia have pre-registered to buy tickets for the shows, which will reportedly be the last opportunity for fans to see Jackson perform in London. Michael Jackson tickets are being sold at Team One Tickets online.

Tickets to Michael Jackson are now open and hurry to get a slot, to see him performing live who has announced that he'll play what he claims will be his final 10 shows ever at London's famed O2 Arena.
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My Baby Blog Has Finally Out - My Pregnancy Diary

Thanks to Dangz Dhemz for having been so kind of making an effort to make this happen, thanks for your generosity dangz...

By the way, I have started it with my old posts in from this blog of mine, you know from when I was still in Angola, stocked in the middle of nowhere, until I managed to get out that place and have saved my baby from a bad nightmare - FROM A TERRIBLE MALARIA and INFECTION!.. For those who haven't read them yet, please fell free to browse my baby blog and read them, it was an honor to have been able to share of what was going on.

I have kept all your comments in their original posts (Mad's Life Diary), so don't be shocked that you wouldn't be reading all your comments in this new blog of mine.

Please join me as I go along with my journey to "Parenthood", giving you my day to day updates of "THE BABY INSIDE OF ME"....
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Anytime Is Tea Time

I have gradually learned from my English husband their love of tea. In fact, early in the morning I've always get offered with a cup of tea, while sitting down and talking about things. It is true that this is traditional thing for English people, and that however big a problem, it can be made to feel smaller by sitting down and talking over a CUP OF TEA, between friends or family.

When I learned eating short breads, I would always have them with a cup of tea. Indeed, teas are very satisfying. I remember when we visited my husband's brother down in Cornwall, we went to their Cream tea house - CREAM TEA
has recently been adopted where scones, with clotted cream and jam, are made the main attraction served alongside a steaming pot of tea. It was my first time but absolutely gorgeous and lovely taste with the tea.

I believe that anytime of the day, English people think having teas more than they think of anything else. Even while driving and before going back home, they always think of having a nice cup of tea when we get home. It already made a habit for me to prepare the tea pot every time we've got a visit from my in-laws, and they always ask for a cup of tea than coffee.

At English Tea Store, you could choose varieties of English tea bags, various tea gift ideas, British foods, teapots and mugs, tea sets and other accessories. So start shopping your various tea needs.
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

National Motor Museum at Beaulieu - Day 3

Our last day was planned to go to this famous motor museum at BEAULIEU, New Forest seeing legendary World Record Breakers like Bluebird and Golden Arrow. Get close to "Film Star" cars, Formula 1 racers (including one of the cars used by Damon Hill in his World Championship year), touring limousines and family cars from the 30s, 40s and 50s.

See motoring eccentricities, such as a giant orange on wheels, as well as a host of motorbikes and commercial vehicles.

Fascination motoring memorabilia, displays and a 1930s street scene, complete with a full scale replica of a typical country garage, packed full of tools and facts of the era, help re-create an altogether less hurried time of shops, vehicles and trades people.

Car on photo below - "Ford Poplar", used to be my parents-in-law's first car which cost them £25 in 1967, black version of this one!

You choose which one you like, so I can buy and send them over to you..:)

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Sunquest Tanning Beds

A healthy tan can make you look and feel great and enjoy all the benefits of UVB rays, just like the Sunquest Tanning Beds, that help to produce essential Vitamin D.

Home Tanning Bed is nothing quite like the experience of achieving that beautiful bronze look in the relaxing comfort of having your own.
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Sisterhood Award

I was tagged by my wonderful sister Dhemz, it is an honor to have been awarded to this very meaningful tag! It shows and delivers the meaning of friendship and sisterhood we have all made in blogosphere. I am so grateful to have known you here dangz.

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Now I would like to show my sisterhood's affection to all my sisters, dangz, friends, whom they have made a wonderful space of my heart, I do treasure you guys to be my ghost friends :).

Like dangz Dhemz, I am breaking the rules again, as I have more than 10 sisters who truly deserve this award: back to dangz Dhemz, dangz Umma, Lynn, Amy, Niko, Faye, Kittykat, Rechie, Richelle, te Ces, Rose, Elizabeth, Hazel, Maria, Weng, Cookie, Belle, Cacai, Lizzy, tita Beng, Nanay Belen, Lovely, Irel, Mommy J, Grace, Ruby, GhieGanda, Mommy Joy, Mommy Gen, Mommy Liz, te Lanie, te Mira, Maria, Lauren, Mommy Elvz, Ria, Shawie, Benchiegrace, and more.

Go go go sisters, grab this and see you here....
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