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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anytime Is Tea Time

I have gradually learned from my English husband their love of tea. In fact, early in the morning I've always get offered with a cup of tea, while sitting down and talking about things. It is true that this is traditional thing for English people, and that however big a problem, it can be made to feel smaller by sitting down and talking over a CUP OF TEA, between friends or family.

When I learned eating short breads, I would always have them with a cup of tea. Indeed, teas are very satisfying. I remember when we visited my husband's brother down in Cornwall, we went to their Cream tea house - CREAM TEA
has recently been adopted where scones, with clotted cream and jam, are made the main attraction served alongside a steaming pot of tea. It was my first time but absolutely gorgeous and lovely taste with the tea.

I believe that anytime of the day, English people think having teas more than they think of anything else. Even while driving and before going back home, they always think of having a nice cup of tea when we get home. It already made a habit for me to prepare the tea pot every time we've got a visit from my in-laws, and they always ask for a cup of tea than coffee.

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