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Saturday, March 14, 2009

National Motor Museum at Beaulieu - Day 3

Our last day was planned to go to this famous motor museum at BEAULIEU, New Forest seeing legendary World Record Breakers like Bluebird and Golden Arrow. Get close to "Film Star" cars, Formula 1 racers (including one of the cars used by Damon Hill in his World Championship year), touring limousines and family cars from the 30s, 40s and 50s.

See motoring eccentricities, such as a giant orange on wheels, as well as a host of motorbikes and commercial vehicles.

Fascination motoring memorabilia, displays and a 1930s street scene, complete with a full scale replica of a typical country garage, packed full of tools and facts of the era, help re-create an altogether less hurried time of shops, vehicles and trades people.

Car on photo below - "Ford Poplar", used to be my parents-in-law's first car which cost them £25 in 1967, black version of this one!

You choose which one you like, so I can buy and send them over to you..:)

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amiable amy said...

what an unusual those jud, naa ba kaha dulaan ana ba? ga collect man gud ko

dili nko taason ako love letter ha kay nanawag na ako banana, cut napud blogging hayy

irel said...

Nice, blooming kaayu akong miga:) hey I have a tag for u @ take care mwah

Logpan said...

ganda ng mga makalumang cars na yan ah... gusto ko ung kulay orange.. {golf ball concept} :)

nga pala..oks lang po bang maki pag link exchagne..?

ofw sa kuwait

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