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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Beaulieu Abbey - Day 3

This Abbey is also at the same area as Motor Museum at Beaulieu, so very convenient to see not only once place at the same time!
It was founded by King John in 1204, was, for three hundred years, the largest Cistercian monastery in England, however many of its buildings were destroyed during the Reformation in 1538. A film presentation and and exhibition tell the story of the Abbey and the life of its monk founders and impressive wall hangings depict scenes from its history. Take a stroll in the fragrant Cloisters, planted with sweet smelling herbs.

The Palace House

The Palace House was created in 1538. Formerly the Great Gatehouse of Beaulieu Abbey, the monastic origins of Palace House can clearly be seen as you walk through the magnificent Lower Drawing Room and spacious Dining Hall. You'll receive a warm and friendly welcome from household characters of the Victorian era and learn what life was really like "Upstairs and Downstairs". Enjoy delving into the Montagu family's past and see many rare and fascinating family treasures, portraits and photographs.
The Secret Army Exhibition tells the story of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) which trained secret agents at the Beaulieu 'Finishing School' during WWll. The exhibition introduces visitors to the training schools, instructors, secret agents and unsung heros of the SOE, their training and secet missions. A film presentation shows how the 'Finishing School' operated in total secrecy for four years.

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Cecile said...

pretty views, Madz :-)

Dhemz said...

woi nice photos come wala mo pic sa imo banana woi...labi labi sad...hehhe..d na pwde sako...mao since I have a cam...palit mi ug tripod...hhehehe..mao nay benefit sa tripod...kay you dont need to ask someone to take photo with you...hhheheh...pagpalit na ug tripod...hehhehe!

dko na bitaw kag kita dha...hehhe..tapos naka post na sad ka sa socialspark...hehehe..galing!

amiable amy said...

mao ra man sad jud ug tag iya sa mansion oy hahaha...ako gusto makita kato gilubngan ni Princess D, sakay sakay dayon baroto ba basin ra sugot ang gabantay hahaha....naa paba gabantay kaha? agoy, human nko sulat ug taas nga sugilanon kay kabuakon man akoa ulo, wa jud tawon naka suroy diri sa imo palasyo gwapa oy

pwerte lagi ka sakit...pero, naayo diritso kay ingon man ako papa in law nga pa ospital daw ko, nah....mamatay ko didto, naayo ko ganina, hadlok man ma ospital hahaha

birthday ni Ces today oyy, balo baka? hahaha...

pasmo man tingali diay tua ako gibati kay gibadlong man ko ni Dhemz, twice nga ako lunch dinner na hahaha....grabe man pud ko mo attack sa PC labi na makasuroy diri sa imo palasyo nah....tago tago jud hahaha

hala, hanggang sa sunod na kabanata kay d nko kasabot sa ako gipanulti, tuyok na nia ako utok....hahaha....

marifen said...

Hi madz, lovely abbey photos you got here :) Na, mura jud ka ga school balik kung basa ka book ana life in uk, daghan man pud ka ma tuon-an, you will understand their lifestyle and how politics here works, at first dli jud ko kasabot unsa na house of commons and house of lords, hahahahaha... but the book explains it all.
Were here in halifax west yorkshire, im not sure where Northumblon is, or is that Northampton? it is a long way from northampton. Wirral is probably near northampton :) My husband is from wirral, and sometimes we go there for a visit, his mum is still there sa wallasey wirral. He regret buying this house in halifax, its about 2 hours travel to wirral. Attitude of the people here are far diffrent from midlands and there in the south. I would say, midlands and down south people are very much ok. I've been here 2 years and 4 months now, and my little girl was born here, she's now 15 months old. Bantay bata jud ako beauty dri, anyway, im happy man sab hinoon ko with my baby, we spend whole day everyday together:)
Wow Bohol, we are going back to the pinas this november and i think were going to bohol first before going back to cdo, we like it there too, been there last 2006.
Did you stop working na? Where are you going to have your baby? Diri nlng madz, mas maau dri :)
and keep all the letters from NHS, like ultrasound appointment, you'll be needing that for the requirements in your permanent stay here.

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