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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Have Made The Most Of The Sunshine

We have been having sunshine since Sunday until today, it has been lovely days. Therefore, we tried to enjoy it as much as we can because it only happens for couple of weeks every year.

We have been doing some gardening, raking off dry leaves and mowing long grasses. Then we went to DIY shop to buy some gardening equipments and some summer seeds too. So, in a short period of time we are going to have beautiful garden which was being left untouched and full of rubbish since the last time we were here last September. Can't really wait to see my garden full of gorgeous flowers.In addition to gardening, we also managed to accomplish some more like going back to the NHS office to submit our application for free health services, and paying Council Taxes too.

If the day starts with the sun shining, its always nice to go out isn't it?

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Cecile said...

sounds like you really have a productive day, Madz, good for you guys :-)

irel said...

We do too(yehey):). We had 75 degree yesterday and 77 today! I knew we will be on the upper 60 thsi week and rain but I don't care as long as I don't see snow anymore:) Tc sis mwah

Tita Beng said...

Have a happy gardening day, Madz!

dhemz said...

wow how exciting...hehhe..ako wapa nako nahuman ug tanom akong mga flowers...sakit man jud akong puson uy...ahak jud ning PMS...maayo ka dangz kay 9 months wa kay PMS....hehehhe...yahay sa buntis....:)

Hoist kumusta naman? unsa man imo mga pananom dha? may green thumb ka diay? hehhehe!

Hoist dangz..mag adto day mo sa pinas sa April or May? unsa ma mista ka didto? hehhehhe!

Koyug ko b? hehhehe....unsa man didto ra ka plan manganak? hehhe..oks man i travel dangz while gamay pa imo tyan...I mean..not unless if its 6 months over..murag hadlok nana itravel...pero sa imo situations oks lang na....:)

When man ninyo plan mag uli diay? I mean unsa petsa? basin mag sapon pa mo ni sistah Umma didto...oh diba? hehhee...kumusta na kaha tong atong sistah didto...hhhehe!

unsa naman sad imo craving dha ron? nagluto bya ko ug gizzard...I mean fried gizzard...hahaha...from ate Cecile's idea...:)

Lynn said...

oi, nice na garden. tanum unya gulay diha. unya inig harvest, pang hatag dayun nako. lol.

ingatz sistah. mwah! mwah! mwah!

deejay said...

i'm back also this coming summer taking care of my plants - the bonsai tree which i'm in love so much second to my wife. hahaha.

Lyn said...

Wish I could help you,,,i´m crazy about gardening too ;-)I have green fingers said Naomi :-) and she has black :-)

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