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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weekend with my In-Laws for 'Post Christmas Celebration' and 'Birthday Bash'

We spent the whole weekend at my in-laws place, as Mum had prepared us a "Post Christmas Dinner" the fact that we weren't here last Christmas. Very sweet of you Mum and thanks for the thought, you've always been appreciated! She made an English traditional food, which I really did enjoy it, in fact, I had two plates LOL... one for me and the second one was for my baby hehehe... Photos below.....hubby's sister below us with son Alfie and her husband, his brother lives in Cornwall which is miles away, so didn't manage to come!

...(sorry folks I didn't manage to inform you that I was going to be away for the weekend)...

We actually arrived quite late (Sunday afternoon), so when we got there everything has already been prepared, considering that it was only half passed 2 in the afternoon while you would think that DINNER will be between 7-8pm! But here dinner is called as 'TEA'...

....2nd celebration.....

The following day, Monday was my Mum-in-law's birthday! So it was a double celebration... Hubby and I decided to give her a TOSHIBA LAPTOP which really made her so happy as ever, though she wasn't really expecting to have gotten any expensive present from any of her children, but we thought Mum deserved the best this time, after having done loads of favors especially for us, every time we were away at work and also this was my hubby's first time to be at home on her birthday since 1998 (since he left for Angola to work), he'd always came home in a different time of year!

ALFIE - hubby's nephew, his sister's son and first grandchild (photo below at his best), had really grown up a lot since September, the last time we were here. He says a lot of words now and mind you, we have to be very careful of what we say because he says what he hears! He's 2 years old this coming June 9... AS GORGEOUS and CLEVER as EVER!

We came back home only yesterday evening with TERRIBLE HEADACHE and A RUNNY NOSE huhuhu, I was really bad then that I didn't manage to visit you guys. In fact, didn't even bother to take a shower... was very poorly then! and quite frustrated though since we knew I couldn't take any medicine except I had Honey and Lemon. I must be over tired or something that caught up with such a bad day, or maybe I still have to get used to the English weather lol...

I feel much better now, but still having colds and a little bit of headache but at least not as bad as yesterday! I will try to catch my dear friends, sisters and Dangz... SEE yah and catch you soon....
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niko said...

ow so you had a blast last weekend with the inlaws.. :) naku u were all smiles sa pictures ha! sobrang happy talaga ni buntis..

kain lang ng kain, you dont have to explain that the next plate is for the baby! :) hahaha. kaw tlga.. kaloka ka..

nice to meet your family in pictures dear.. now you have to take a rest coz youve been biten by the cold bug!

and when ur in blogging mood again, grab my tag for u on my blog! haha

ingat ka lagi buntis!!

Lynn said...

what a nice weekend you've got sistah. dami food and that's so sweet of u and ur hubby to give ur mum a laptop. unta naa pud muhatag sa ko laptop da. wishful thinking. haha.

ka cute sa boy. for sure, ana pud ka cute imo bb sistah.

ayo ayo diha. mwahugs!

dhemz said...

wow dangz....may post christmas man diay kamo...hehhee....kalami sa sure na busog ka jud ug maayo...hehhehe..hoist...nakita nana ko imo tyan...dako na sya dangz....hehhehehe!

Thanks for sharing the photos september puhon...nana jud na kalaro si Alfie...hehhehe....:) You are very nice couple..regalo man jud laptop...oh d bonga...hehehehe!

Salamat tuod sa imong comments dangz miss ta ka ug maayo uy...murag pila naka days...hehhe..oks lang man kay Iunderstand your situation..samot na karon nga buntis ka..agoy pahuway jud kung bation ka ug gamay nga labad sa ulo....hehehe....kumusta naman imo gbati dha? wa naka nag sipon? hehhe...:)

hahha...atot jud na sya ay...hahha...colored man japon akong skin karon dangz....ganahan gani ko kay daghan gusto sa akong kulay...hahha...oh dba d na kailangan magpa tanning...hehhehe....:)

Ay dangz...ayaw lagi palabi ug kuti kuti uy...ikaw jud ah gahi ulo...hehhee....pag naa gani ka bation sa...pahuway dayon..hehhe!

Glad you listen to my advice...hehhe....kay gahi raba ka ulo...hehhehe...joke! lagi maayo kay habol kana kay baga man jud.....hehhehe...sakit ako tyan katawa....;)

Hoist maoba? see? so nag headphone na lugar imo tyan ron? ay d na tawag headphone....tummyphone na...hehhehe! makadungog nana sila dangz uy...kana imo baby kay over 2 months naman...mao na amo ginagamit kay Akesha...pasalamat mi kay pag dako nya amo patulog sa iya is wa na mi problem pa tog sa iya...until now gani d na sya ka sleep kung walay music...hehhehe! ayaw pod rock ang ipa music ha? hehhehe...joke...kay mag rocker unya na....hehhehe! sakit ako tyan katawa intawon uy....:)

Uy kahayahay jud nimo dhangz...mayka kay wala ka experience sa suka no? ako intawon na mura kog mabuang..kay murag every minute..tapos until 4 months pa jud to...good for you....unya dangz ug in the middle of the night..dba ka mobakod ngita ug pag kaon? ako sa una si hubby mobakod jud na sya in the middle of the night para mag buy ug french fries sa mcdonald...hhehe

yahaya nimo uy...hehhe..good for you kay kaon lang man diay ang katapat mo....hehhehe!

I miss you dhangz...mhuah mhuah...I am working on your layout right now...kay kakatapos ko lang sa layout ni ate cecile....:) I am hoping to get it done before next week....mahatag unta nako saturday night puhon...heheh...:) love you dha permi..sige kay magbloghopping sako ha...kay wa raba ko nag visit kagahapon kay sakit akong tyan....hehhehe!

amiable amy said...

agoyy...kining bataa nia, don't worry if dili ka kabisita in our blogs, ang importante, if you are tired, take a rest...ako bitaw, if dili kaya, tulog man ko, mamawi ra dayon...hahaha...Bitaw girl, take a rest if needed okay? always think that we really care for your health..kasab i lang ko kung magpabadlong ko hahaha

ingat miga nga gwapa...hahaha

misty said...

Ouch, i bet the smoke got in to you sis hehehe,....

Glad you enjoyed your in-laws get together, ang galante nyo naman hehehe.. pwede ba akong magpabinyag uli and ikaw ang ninang lol..

ryliej said...

hala may nobela dito si dangz dhemz hahaha... kumusta na cold mo sis, okay na ba?

joops said...

Oh this post make me miss my family back home so much.. good thing we will be seeing Rose's family next week!

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