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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Proposed To Marry Tag

I got tagged by my dear friends Amy and te Cecile (sorry for it took so long for me to post this tag), thanks for the thought as usual and soon realized that I got the same from my new friend Maria. Nice to have read about your stories sisters, and now its my turn....and I am tagging everyone, enjoy sharing your stories....

It is pretty much normal to most women or all "brides-to-be", that they all make their efforts to have a very unique, gorgeous and successful engagement parties. As you can see on magazines and television about engagement stories, how romantic they were, and read various stories.

Let me ask one thing? Have you ever think of taking that step "proposal" and about of having an engagement party in the middle of nowhere? This was my real life's experience in the middle of nowhere Angola, Africa.

It was late 2006 after 3 years of been together (we met at work, became friends and lovers in the end). The pressure of actually coming up with an idea for popping the question was one of our primary concern during those times, since we were together for such a long period of time that made us really close. We both even were relatively sure "we were going to say yes". However, instead of popping up the typical question "will you marry me", we both asking each other "ARE WE BOTH READY FOR A LIFETIME COMMITMENT"?, and both were in teary eyes, very romantic though. It was November of 2006 and I didn't get my ring until we went on leave together last February 2007, and we did finally announced our engagement by May 19th at the same year by throwing a party. We were blessed with a heavy rain 2 hours before the time (6-8pm), it did stop at about the right time @ half passed the 8th in the evening! WOW amazing wasn't it?

Few months after I got my ring, we started making plans while still in the middle of nowhere and working at the same time! I didn't find it difficult because I had all internet access. In short, I just use email to contact suppliers, etc...

Indeed, the engagement ring is usually a time when you're walking on air. There's nary a care in the world and it's like the two of you are in your own special space bubble, lost in time and space. It's a different dimension and most things that happen around me either don't intrude into my space or they don't affect. It's a glorious feeling and very often, that's the way it goes right through from the time the engagement ring is slipped on up to the time the wedding ring joins it on my finger.

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niko said...

i really admire beach weddings :) inggit ako sa wedding mo.. gusto ko rin yan in the future hahaha

i love looking at ur wedding pics.. you look so happy and fulfilled.. nice pictures also! :)

i know that ur union is stronger already since uve been friends before u became lovers.. u are meant to be together.. keep the love alive dear.. and i just wish u both happiness forever..

and for the twin baby to be healthy! :)

kittykat said...

Wow...ganda ng mga photos nyo Dhangz..kakainggit naman..As you know I can't do this tag no matter how much i want to..

btw..musta na ang pregnancy mo??

vhingF said...

nice wedding!

Cecile said...

wow, what a very romantic story, dear :-); love your pictures and the beach wedding!

musta na nga pala ikaw saka baby mo?

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Madz...

Musta na ikaw and the baby...and the husband? I hope you're all doing great.

Mommy J

Lynn said...

haaaay! what a lovely story sistah... igo na lang ko maibog ani. hahaha! og ka nice sa photos ha.

stay happy ang inlove! mwahugs!

BOGCESS said...

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Kindly update your blogroll.
Thanks and GODBLESS!


dhemz said...

asos...kabonga ba sad kaayo uy sa Mauritius man jud ang wedding...d man ta ka afford ani...hehhehe....:) grabi ka dhangz g preparaan man jud nimo ang imong happy for you....;) ka sweet ba kaayo ninyo duha ni STU...hehhe..unique man sad diay name sa imo banana dangz no?

Mommy Phebie said...

hi madz, nice knowing u sweet au mo sa imo banana...hhehehhe

followed u too sis...added u in my two blogs...

God Bless

irel said...

Very romantic jud diay day ug nice kaayu inyung pictures:)kiligon man sab ta nimo ug dili oras:) enjoy the weekends maam mwah!

Tita Beng said...

Hi Madz!
Getting a unique wedding proposal is an unforgettable romantic moment for any girl. You're one blessed girl to have experienced such.
Sweet! Super gorgeous si Ms Bride complimenting Mr. Groom!

amiable amy said...

thanks for posting girl

what a romantic couple .... i still love it because it is spontaneous ... musta naman jan sa UK? I know you are in good place

with regards to your pictures, they are so WONDERFUL and bongga talaga ... i won't ask the price ....but, i know, sa photographer palang, it is already a fortune...

what i wish for you right now, is that, you will be blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby...and that you will handle the delivery good...

UNYA DAY....ayaw pabadlong....ayaw na pag rake sa mga dahon diha...LOL! Bitaw miga, leave it that way, ipalupad lupad nalang naa ang mga sagbot is not good for you, okay? u take care always

chubskulit said...

gwapo ng banana mo dangz, o diba nakidnagz na din ako.. hope its okay lol..

Love the story, the setting and the pictures. The photos showed how much you guys love each other.. Am so happy for you, with the baby coming up... you life will be complete..

Ingat lagi sistah!

Madz said...

Mareng Niko just keep on wishing, who knows your wish will come true to have a beach wedding yahooooo....

Thanks a lot for all your visits and comments, I REALLY DO APPRECIATE THEM.. they always made my day, make me laugh all the time!

Will visit you as soon as I can, if my baby won't complain again of sitting too much hahhahhahah.....

Cookie said...

hello dhangz! ka bongga ba diay sa imong wedding. your beach wedding is very romantic. your parents flew in mauritius or they live in there, too? ask lang ko... in fact, I even wanted to know why you're there in Angola, hehe.
How's your pregnancy, too? hope both you and the baby are safe. Ingatz!

Umma said...

Bonggacious jud ang wedding mo Dhangz.. super sweet man jud kamo ni banana mo oi!! palangga jud ka masyado ni fafa mo.. kay beach wedding jud ang gigastosan..

Musta naman kaha ang cravings mo Dhangz.. cge lang pangina-on no? hahha.. I can relate to that feeling bec I was like that before..

Umma said...

Bonggacious jud ang wedding mo Dhangz.. super sweet man jud kamo ni banana mo oi!! palangga jud ka masyado ni fafa mo.. kay beach wedding jud ang gigastosan..

Musta naman kaha ang cravings mo Dhangz.. cge lang pangina-on no? hahha.. I can relate to that feeling bec I was like that before..

Maria said...

Madz, Guapaha ba nimo dinhi gang oy! Talagang naka plan lahat. I am so much happy for you and your darling.

Wow! one of my dreamed wedding before is to get married in the beach but there's no such beautiful beach in my place and is not safe for the foreigner to be around( you know there's a lot of bombing that time (terrorist). And my greatest concern is our safety esp. in Mindanao.

And we got married here in Chicago.

Anyway, thanks for sharing it to us. And I have another tag for you. I don't know if you already got this tag before. I am just assuming. The Meme tag.

Take care and talk to you on Monday.

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