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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lamentation Over Series of Philippines Calamities

God has every reason of allowing things to happen in every aspect in our lives. One of them is calamities, horrible as we may say. Natural happenings that God is in total control of it. We can't really say that other counties are more lucky than the Philippines. NO, GOD doesn't work like that. We may tend to forget God's goodness in the midst of these calamities, but still He continues looking after us...


URING is a name of a typhoon that left thousands homeless. RUPING is another typhoon accompanied with tidal wave which left the island of Leyte leaving 8,000 people carried out to the sea of buried in mud. Mt. Pinatubo is a notarious volcano, which eruption was known worldwide, making thousands of Filipinos internal refugees.

Lamentation over Series of Philippine Calamities

Lord our God, have you have left us
when bodies in Leyte litter on the ground
like a death camp because of Uring?
When houses for dwelling are smashed
to the ground and means of livelihood
are lost to the mud and sea because of Ruping?
When the earth tremors breaking the ground
playing in big laughters the human edifices
like small toys?
When provinces, not only villages are flattened to the ground
because of the anger and fire of Mt. Pinatubo?

Where are we, O God,
in the midst of other social volcanoes
predicted that one day can erupt¨
or must have been erupting already?

Where are you, dear God,
with your mercy and loving hand
to those who die by the thousands
to those who have to be uprooted
to an uncertain land
to those who bear the agony and loneliness
to those who claim the sacredness of life?

What is happening to our land,dear God?
What do you want to tell us
What is in your judgment that
we can read and learn?

In the midst of all these lamentations
your being our living God
is still affirmed.

Increase our faith
Unite us as your people
Grant us courage and
allow us to build from the ruins.

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