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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Adding Technorati Favorite Increases Traffic

Exchanging Technorati Favorites is one way of enhancing traffic to your blog. I've already tried this myself, we can all obtain more impressions by adding each one of us as your favorite. We can all start like this, you can add me as your favorite and I will add you too.

Please follow these simple steps and Here's how to do it:

1. Add my blog to you Technorati favorite by clicking this Add Tech Thoughts as Favorite

2. It prompts you to the page where you can add TAGS in it.
3. Then click Add to my Favorites.
4. I will do the same as you as I see you adding me.

Technorati favorite exchange has been proven to be an effective way of increasing traffic. So it is worth getting spending time on getting as many number of favorites as you can.

You can also make a post like this and invite as many as friend you can to take part in this Technorati Experiment.

Enjoy blogging....
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