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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Free Spam Blocker

Block Spam at the Network Gateway

Needless to say, that nowadays, we all having a hard time almost everyday, in cleaning off all the spams that come into our email in-box or if you are lucky they go straight to our Spams section. But still we do checking them one by one if in case, we don't miss any important emails that sometimes come to our Spam. I must admit, we all need this Spam Blocker. I hope this helps you guys, this gives you an overview what it does to our mailboxes.

Spam Blocker enables administrators to block spam at the gateway before it ever reaches the users. Zero client installations and an intuitive GUI make it easy to:

  • Increase productivity by blocking spam before it gets to users mailboxes
  • Enable users to manage their own spam quarantines
  • Ensure that filters are always current with automatic updates
  • Open Source & Free under the GPLv2


Advanced Filtering Techniques Leverage the best anti-spam techniques including Bayesian Filters, Razor, realtime block lists (RBLs), OCR for image spam and tarpitting.

Block Hijacking Filter inbound & outbound mail to detect & block network hijacking.

SMTP, POP & IMAP Spam Blocker filters SMTP, POP & IMAP mail protocols.

Comprehensive Mail Security The Untangle platform also offers anti-Spyware, Phish Blocker and more, all integrated and managed through one GUI.

Spam Blocker Screenshots

filter types

Filter SMTP, POP, & IMAP

Filter Inbound & Outbound Messages

filter types

Spam Logging

filter types

Individual Spam Quarantines for each Mailbox

filter types

PDF Reporting: Spam Incident

"Right away, spam was down 95%!"

-Brian Welker, Sunridge Properties

Untangle wins "Best Security Solution" at LinuxWorld

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