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Saturday, July 19, 2008

How Much Addicted I Am To Blogging

I am 100% addicted to blogging...

Geeezzzz, am I the only one? Imagine, I haven't even reach a high page rank on my first one, the fact that I only started last June, and now I wanted to create another one? Is this normal? Anybody can help me to calm down a bit?

Anyway, seriously I am still going to create another blog - if this is about my life's journey, my second one will be about "dreams". The title would be "Don't Loose Your Passion to Dream" which is very interesting really. Basically, I will share in this blog my passions of dreaming and aiming for anything that I know for sure I love to do.

Aim high guys, it's free... Keep your dreams alive...
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Princess Cinderella said...

hello ii already added you...thanks for the link nice meeting you here..muah..ingats

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