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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Personalized Prints, Creative Hobby

This is my whole family picture.
You may wonder why I had to post this and write something about it. I just wanted to share with you my little hobby of playing with design templates - inserting photographs on to them! Free and ready templates can be found in An interesting hobby I must admit and I do believe that it results into an end product of sorts like for example, in a calendar making, wall decorating print outs or to be used as designs for pillow cases, etc.

This is a pillow case - exactly what I am talking about! Designing and
printing from your computer at home, you'll have a personalized
pillow case design.

Picture below is the design of our family calendar, with months
and dates at the bottom of it.
Hobbies may just be for the enjoyment of the hobbyist, they sometimes have potential to be a small business. So start making it as a hobby and think about of making money out of it.
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