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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Philippine Tarsier

I am from Bohol, but I didn't manage to see it myself until I was 27, it was during the time when I came home with my husband (he was still my boyfriend then). We went on together and decided to tour around Bohol. Indeed, Tarsier is a very small, long-tailed monkey (this is what we call it). Well, it was great to have seen myself at last! At least I know what I am talking about when we talk about this famous smallest money in the world that is found in my homeland.

Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta), known locally as the Mawmag in Cebuano/Visayan, in an endangered tarsier species endemic to the Phillippines. Its name is derived from its elongated "tarsus" or ankle bone.

The Philippine Tarsier is a tiny animal, measuring about 4 to 6 inches (15 cm) in height. The small size makes it difficult to spot. The average mass for males is around 134 grams, and for females, around 117 grams. The average adult is about the size of a human fist and will fit very comfortably in the human hand. It has thick and silky fur which is colored gray to dark brown. The thin tail, usually used for balance, is naked or bald except for a tuft of hair at the end, and is about twice the body length. Its elongated "tarsus," or ankle bone, which gives the tarsier its name, allows it to jump at least three meters from tree to tree without having to touch the ground.It's habitat is the second growth, secondary forest, and primary forest from sea level to 700 m. Its habitat also include tropical rainforest with dense vegetation and trees that offer it protection like tall grasses, bushes and bamboo shoots.

Whoever wishes to go to Bohol, just don't forget to see these famous Tarsier yourself.
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handy said...

Interesting animal. Do you know that this animal is called Kus-Kus in Indonesia. They live in the eastern part of Indonesia like in Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua.

Indonesia and Philipines have some in common

Madz said...

Hi, indeed it is very interesting! Only saw it myself once & never again , only when my husband and I went around Bohol for the 1st time. Yea I have heard that you can also find them in any other Asian countries, Indonesia is one of them.

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