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Monday, August 11, 2008

If You Snooze, You Loose

This is plain scary, I tell you. We often hear this phrase and even laugh when someone is being teased of being late or didn't manage to get anything "maybe because of he or she is too slow", laziness and "do it later" syndrome are typical examples that best illustrate this phrase.

How many times do you press the snooze button before you finally get up in the morning huh? This is a bad practice I tell you, though I must admit I often do this as well, especially if I had a late night before. But let me explain this in every aspect of our daily lives:

1) Professionally speaking - if we are not smart enough to upgrade our knowledge by just simply doing some research and read articles on the net, and get the latest infos of everything you want to know, then you loose that every opportunity.

2) In blogging world - this is very popular in PPP, like us who get paid by moving fast to get opps, if we don't check them everyday we loose the opportunities. Is it not true?

3) Our online identity -
we must be proactive in the social media world if we hope to keep control of our brand, image or identity. I’ve heard this line a million times over the past few years; yet too many people and firms are still being attacked… and don’t even know it. There are simply no excuses anymore for being too busy, too old or too relaxed.

4) In our everyday living - typical example based on my experience here is, when I bake cakes & cookies every Sunday, I often tell my friends that you better come and collect your share, otherwise, you loose it and end up of leaving nothing for you which is very true. Another example is in supermarkets, we often see 50% off on prices especially food items, we must be aware how often they do it so we can avail the discounts and shop on this period instead. Also in shopping online...

So don't get too lazy or or too old to do something huh! Wake up mates...

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