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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Installing Mozilla Firefox Version 3

When I arrived at work this morning first thing I did was, I opened my blogs first and have read comments from my friends, checked my feedburner feeds, next was to check my adsense report and then opened my friends' blogs to say hello and those who came pass my blogs.

What a surprise when I noticed that there were some missing photographs on my blogs! So I started getting worried, and first thing I did was, edited my posts and re-attached the missing photographs but it could not let me attach either! I said to myself, what is going on now... I thought it was time to upgrade my web browser, from Mozilla Firefox 2 to version 3, which I duly did. However, I am still having the same problems. I was going to attach a picture here, the new face of my browser, but it didn't seem want to work. It is working great, I love it except I can't view or attach any photographs at all!

So I've spoken with our IT guy and told him the story. The very reason of it was, he spent hours and hours last night to block these unknown websites, including blogger/

Uuummm, sounds pathetic isn't it? Because the point is, what's the use of having internet which is open to public if we can't even see the websites 100%? But in fairness, he asked me to make the list of websites that I always open so he can unblock them! That's very nice of him really...

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nimzoindy said...

Ic, maybe the admin dont want their workers to surf the internet. By the way, i also use firefox 3 but change back to firefox 2 because FF3 use to many processor. FF3 browser will hang after a while, in get annoyed by that so i changed back to FF2.

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