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Monday, November 3, 2008

Life and Love's Unending Journey

In 27 days time will be our first year wedding anniversary!, and I woke up this morning full of love and excitement, thinking of what I can do to have a very memorable celebration. Unremarkable delight and bliss is my ultimate goal until we celebrate our first year of marriage. While looking for an idea to write, to do or to prepare, I came to read this article. This is lovely...

"Love should always remain hopeful and positive in the difficult journey that follows along life's "bumpy detours and highways". Love should never lead dreamers astray, left to stumble and stammer along the "narrow muddy paths" of unfulfilled love, nor leave them alone to pass the dark shadowy graveyards on the "lonely boulevards" of broken hearts, strewn with unkept promises and shattered dreams of "what was to be".

"Love should always be alert and avoid the uncompromising gray sidewalk of the "two way street" of opposite direction and conflict and seek the sunny "one way street" of like attraction, goals, aims, purposes and desires"...

So always drive on the "high road" on life's golden carpet down the "yellow brick road" to love and life's grand "promenades" and elegant "thoroughfares," leaving together to follow and smell the sweet scents and fragrances that waif and rise to greet and linger in the air.

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ORNAMENT-3D said...

thaks to ur $mile..and i give u $mile 2

Kevin said...

Hi Madz

Congrats on your first wedding anniversary! I will indeed be a very memorable moment together with your hubby.

Here's wishing you lots of memorable anniversaries ahead.

To love is to share - the joy, the sadness, the good, the bad. :)

Take care n keep blogging.

earthlingorgeous said...

Congrats to your first wedding anniversary! I bet you are so excited to celebrate!


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