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Monday, November 10, 2008

My Wedding Blog has been Temporarily Suspended

I would have been informing everyone happily to change my Wedding Blog URL, to have recently purchased my own domain. Was so happy to have received this first email that Google had to send to me to confirm my purchase: "Thanks for buying from Google Apps using Google Checkout! Google Apps will charge and ship your order soon."

But 3 days after I received another email again saying that: "We were unable to verify the account information for your recent purchase with Google Checkout. As a result, your account has been temporarily suspended and your recent order has been cancelled:"

Order Details - Oct 31, 2008 16:06 GMT+01:00
Google Order #646585543277168

Shipping Status Qty Item Price
Digital delivery 1 Domain Registration - 1 year registration for, powered by USD10.00
Tax : USD0.00
Total : USD10.00
Order cancelled - Your card was not charged

This was mainly the reason why I didn't have any enthusiasm to blog these past couple of days, as I was so disappointed! Well, it is not really a problem, could have been worse if it was a different story, all I should be doing is to scan the documents needed to verify and send! However, the problem is - we are in the middle of nowhere, we have no access of our monthly billings, utility bills, etc... Had to ask my hubby's parents to drive up to our flat and get the corresponding documentations and scan for us, and it wasn't a problem either. The trouble is, the impossibility of my dad-in-law to drive, as he had just his arm surgery! Obviously, he could not drive.

Fingers crossed that his mum could do something about it, ask my hubby's sister instead to drive mum to visit our flat! By the way, my mother-in-law is too scared to drive that's why we can't ask her directly, because she can't do it.

I really missed my wedding blog.....I ask you to bear with me, and hopefully it will get sorted as soon as possible.

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faye said...

kalungkot nga nito,
hope maayos agad!
give you ec and gift!!!$

Dhemz said...

sige lang Madz..mobalik ra lagi to imong blog puhon..hehe...joker kaayo kay they will not refund you...:(

genny said...

what about use 1and1 Madz that's i used of my 8 blogs. Ako domain 5 ka buok then some are just subdomains. If naa ka isa ka domain pwede ak makahmo ug 5 subdomain... adto lang sa akoa blog click lang ang banner sa 1and1 ok na sila mag2 yrs nako gamit sa domain wa ko probs...

marly said...

hello madez, I hope everything will be settled soon. will look forward to seeing your wedding blog again.

GMIL & TLC said...

ako na pud d i ni nga gitransfer sa akong main domain registrar.hopefully after 7 days kay matransfer na para isa na lang ka site ug magrenew ko pohon.

chubskulit said...

ah kaya pala nag eeror lagi...

hey mads, can we follow each other's blogs? I 'll add you now.., dropped ec too.. Please let me know..

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