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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Air Cleaner-Purifier Guide For Safe Living

I don't smoke, and I do really hate smoking, for the stink it gives to your clothes, bedsheets, curtains, etc...!! But lucky my husband doesn't smoke inside our house. I am very much particular when it comes to odor, and always make a fuss everytime I smell any unpleasant aroma around, that's why I always buy air fresheners at home.

However, only recently that I became known of this "air-cleaner" / "air-purifier" thing. There are quite few of types for us to choose from, such as: hepa air purifier - HEPA stands for "High Efficiency Particulate Air" which is intended to sieve out enormously tiny bits and pieces that are hanging around in every corner, also this ultraviolet air cleaners, ionic, carbon and also there's such as what they call "electrostatic precipitators", and car air purifiers as well. As far as I know, air cleaner/purifier is designed to fight and remove toxins, any noxious waste on air, which gives us a secure, protected and dirt-free living.

To know more about air cleaners and air purifiers, Air Cleaner Guide gives you all the useful information, complete guide on various types, sizes, in kind of filters and uses.

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