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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Make Money Online With a 13-Year Old

WOW! This was my first reaction when I came across to read this blog "Making Money Online with a 13-year Old".. and he's a young Filipino blogger, Carl Ocab is his name... Go go go Filipinos!

What an incredible standing he has got on Google! Read his full profile, he is such an inspiration to me, motivates me on becoming a full-time blogger in the near future!

At the left top side of his page says "I'm on top of Google for the keyword "Make Money Online". I may be number 1, 2 or sometimes number 3 - Depends on what Google data center you are on". Carl Ocab dot com is currently #1 on Google for the keyword “Make Money Online”.

Hello fellow bloggers, I know we all w
anted to get the same, take note, only if we are willing to spend money (to pay on google adwords, to advertise)! But you don't have to pay to be able to earn, I should say, for me its only a matter of knowing all the basics and treating Google like a 3 year old boy looking for the cookie jar in a big kitchen (says Carl)...

One reader says:
I am playing the odds here. But, barring readers like Brian Clark, Andy Beard, Michel Fortin, or Dean Hunt, I am reasonably sure that this 14 year old kid from the Philippines blogs better than you do. Probably makes more money than you do too. Sad yet?

In fact, if you didn’t know his age before you checked out his site, you’d never in a million years guess Carl Ocab was so young. He has better delivery than many people trying to make money blogging who are 3 times his age. He has a grasp of blog marketing that people doing this twice as long as him still haven’t mastered!

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