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Thursday, December 4, 2008

R4 DS Revolution - Turning Your Nintendo DS Into an IPOD!

It was part of my plan to buy Nintendo DS for my brother (our youngest), which I thought it would excite him to play this game for the very first time, and would be an ideal one for this holiday season! Apart from that, I have learned that you can actually maximize its usage just by adding a little bit of extra money, for as little as $19 with free shipping! Well, a must have for any Nintendo DS and DS Lite System. So, what does it do to you Nintendo DS then? It is called as R4 DS Revolution which allows you to listen music, mp3's and even watch movies. Sounds interesting, and why not having an all-in-one device, a ground breaking gadget which everyone would love.

Did you know that only at GameBay, where you can get it next to nothing?
A one stop-shop for all your electronic games shopping for love ones this Christmas.

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