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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Report Annoying Phone Calls

Indeed, it is very annoying to have always received these unknown phone calls every now and then! Most of the times what I do is, just ignore them especially if I don't know the number or not listed on my contacts. But sometimes, you can't really help yourself, and get annoyed!

You'd perhaps thought of doing something about it, to report the numbers? Yes, here at you can check the number(s), search on their database of numbers and know what people had to say about that particular number(s)!

Our safety is their main concern here, this is for our own protection (personal, financial and credibility). There are some callers who pretend to be working at the Lottery or Sweepstakes and would tell you that you have won this much, and they that need your bank details where to deposit the money to, or your home address where to send the cheque! Some of them are just purely to annoy you, verbal harassment or even gives you some warning!

Now you know what to do, just simply sit down and switch your computer on, open Report Phone Numbers, search the number you have received or will receive and write about it. They will stop eventually of somehow they'd realize no one bothers to entertain them anymore.

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