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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We All Cry For Confirmation - If We All Going Home After The New Year

Speculations are going around that "maybe" or "maybe not" - if we all going home after celebrating New Year! God knows what will happen to us... The fact that our company didn't manage to get a decent return on last month's production (due to diamond prices fall), though we did get the quota, still it didn't help at all! Would have been a merrier celebration if global economy crisis did not strike diamond industry, well, not just in our industry, all over the world...

We are still keeping our fingers crossed that we could still be able to survive, and would keep us here and save our jobs... Nevertheless, we would still going to have a MERRY CHRISTMAS after all!

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Gracie said...

Thanks dear for the visit. I too cry for confirmation if I will be going home this New Year. Hope we both can go home. Merry Christmas!

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