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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anyone Wants To Buy A $30,000 Cell Phone for Valentines Day

Far too out of my price range but still smoking hot! Well, if I will be given chance to own it, I'd rather have the money instead. This is so ridiculous!!Have you heard of this Vertu Boucheron 150? Apparently, this is made from “solid gold” and is meant to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Boucheron jewelry house in Paris. According to the designer, it took 1,000 hours to cut into shape, 700 hours to hand polish, and more than 500 hours to build.

This is probably the world's hottest new phone and
Vertu's most beautiful ever made! It is the creation of Vertu for Parisian jewellry house Boucheron, with the occasion of the 150th Anniversary.

“The essence of the single edition Vertu Boucheron 150 was to create something unique with signals of both brands,” said Frank Nuovo,
Vertu Principal Designer. “Using the Vertu Signature platform, but taking it away from the core design and creating a visibly stunning statement that breaks all expectations of mobile phone design, resulting in a true piece of sculpture. The constantly changing angled surfaces allow a cut stone appearance, inspired by the clearly faceted stones which are a significant part of Boucheron’s core craft. The recognisable Vertu V shape has seemingly morphed into random proportioned patterns and directions of the three sided surfaces creating a perfect blend of Vertu and Boucheron elements. The challenge was to gain visual sparkle not from precious stones but instead through pure form and line achieved with precious faceted metal.

This amazing cell phone made of solid gold was named Vertu Boucheron 150 and, according to the designer, it took 1000 hours to cut its unique shape, 700 hours for the hand polish and more than 500 hours to hand build. It sports an extremely durable sapphire crystal keypad, featuring high-speed 3G connectivity, and comes in a cool wooden case made from Noce Pedullo walnut tree by the Swiss house Reuge.

As you open its case you hear the signature Vertu ringtone.

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D said...

I agree with you Madz! I'd rather take the money than the cellphone. That is one expensive phone! I would never be so impractical as to buy that one. Unless siguro kung milyonaryo ko and 30k is just loose change for me. But still...sayang oi, daghan naka mapalit anang 30k.

Hazelicious929 said...

wow! ang expensive naman ng phone na ito. Dili ko oi, I rather have $30,000 in cold cash aron maka-shopping pa ko, daghan pa ako mapalit hehehe

Addict jud sa shopping

Umma said...

Apir jud ta ani Dhangz.. akua na lang ang moolah kay daghan pa ko ana mabakal.. or makapalit ka sad mansion ana sa Pinas with that money hahaha..

In fairness, of course if your money is overflowing, why not? There are people who doesnt know how to spend their money anyway.. so they can buy this one for a gadget.

Mommy Elvz said...

Hello Madz! thanks also for having me in your circle of friends :)

I'm also done adding all of your blogs in my blogroll.

About your question, yes the blogs in my upper right sidebar are my blogs also, i would greatly appreciate if you will add them in your blogroll as well :)

Straight from the Heart / BestPinayMom /Mighty in Spirit /ILuVGiVeAwaYs

Thanks and best regards!

Lynn said...

kamahal ba anang cellphone oi. walay mas mahal pa ana? LOL.

dami opps here sistah ah. wala man ko buhat so nagdaginot kos sensilyo. mayo na lang. wawa! hahaha.

ingatz tit!

Madz said...

Hehehe, nunca mais jud! hehehe no way nga mopalit pod ko ani tawn no.. heheheh just showed it to you if in case you wanted to buy one! Whoe knows dagko na mo mga tinigum sa inyong blogging hahahhahahha

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