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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthday Wish Award

Sistah Dona of Memoirs of a Pinay in America reminded me of my birthday at this early stage already. Still a lot to count before my birthday comes:) I never used to bother about it, it comes when it comes, in fact, I even hated the thought of having another year again.. lol...

However, this is the exciting thing about this coming birthday of mine. You know why? I WILL BE DUE TO GIVE BIRTH the same month as my birthday! When is it gonna be Madz? END OF SEPTEMBER my dears... My birthday is the 28th September, and will give birth sometime between the 3rd and the last weeks. Can't really wait...

The rules are...
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday...

2. The list should be 15 numbers

3. Post the image of this award in your posting

4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

HERE ARE MY WISH FOR MY BIRTHDAY: (you still have at least 9 months to prepare, so don't worry too much okay?) hahaha...

1) That God will grant His birthday present to me, that He would answer our prayers - to see my 1st baby healthy. Having him/her on my birth month is additional thing to be grateful about.

All I want is my baby - even if it would mean for us to celebrate in bed for as long as I have my baby and hubby beside me, I would be the happiest person to celebrate birthday... huhuhuhu

3) Oh not only baby, would be nice to have TWINS - to see hubby holding the other one while I will be busy with the other one... hahaha can't really wait to see our reaction!!

4) To have fulfilled our plans by that time - to be able to finish the renovations to be made in our mango plantation in Bohol - house and converting the rice fields into fish ponds, hubby's wish.

5) To still see hubby in this job - recession has been affecting a lot of jobs elsewhere, so as the diamond industry. Though we may be closing down in 2 months time time, but fingers crossed to be back in operation by then! A lot of money involved, enough to buy another mantion!! hahahahaha

6) To have bathroom in the UK be fixed by then.

7) To be able to finish my 6 months review for the CPA Board Exams - while I stay in the Philippines during my pregnancy period, might as well to take a review and will try as much as I could to be able to take the board exams at the same time.

8) To become a Certified Public Accountant - having a license is one of my dreams. I had to set this aside for my family, 8 years ago when I decided to stop my review (pause my ambitions for a while) and have left the country for Angola hurray!!!

9) To see my sister who is working in Taiwan - we seldom
see each other, the last time we were in the Philippines together was 3 years ago! Maybe I should ask her to come home when giving birth.

10) Somebody must give time to go shopping for me - to buy me presents hahahaha

11) To see you in person! Yes you Don, I am talking to you...:)

12) To meet my blogging Sisters and Dhangz in person too.

13) To see my nursing sister to go back to school again - to finish her last year after giving birth this coming May. She should be alright by then. I want to see her as a Professional Nurse, not just being a mother!

14) To see my best friend who is now in Italy - we've chatted when they were still in CA before her hubby assigned in Italy. Never heard from then. Aside from my wish to go around Europe!

15) Making more friends in blogosphere - it is such a pleasure to be recognized by other bloggers too, to be called as one of their friends, to be remembered always and to be taken care of.

True friends are hard to find, and I do believe that it doesn't take such a long time to know a person, talking with each other most of the times (even if haven't met in person) as a way of knowing - IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO DETERMINE YOU AS GENUINE AS I AM TO YOU....

Let me pass this on to the following, whom I have found the real treasure of a true friend - back to Dona, Dhemz, Umma, Faye/Maus, Rechie, Lynn, Belle, Amy, Katty, Cookie, Rose, Mommy J, Te Lanie, te Cecille, Elizabeth, Richelle, Hazel, Weng.
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Hazelicious929 said...

Hello dangs! wow! thank you for this tag! My birthday is September 29... we are 1 day apart lang diay hehehe

I will grab this later. Thanks again!

D said...

Wow Dhangz, nakuratan ko pagvisit nako sa imong blog, napost na dayon ang award! Hehehe Thanks ha. Uyyy touched ko sa imong sulti. Hope we'll meet someday too. Taga Bohol baya akong parents. Hala Dhangz oi, excited gyud ko para nimo ba! I also can't wait to see your baby! Yes it would really be nice to have twins, kanang lalake ug babae. hehehe Mao pud na akong dream, para isa-isa mi ni hubby ba. hehehe Nag andam naka pangalan Dhangz? Hala oi, excited gyud ko mura pud ug ako ang nabuntis! hahaha Bitaw, kelangan magshopping ka na sugod Dhangz, mga maternity clothes ug mga baby stuff. Pero naa man na baby shower for sure, so you will get more gifts. hehehe;)

Good luck on your CPA board exam ha? When will you be taking it? Or is it on hold muna coz of your pregnancy? Ingat ka dira Dhangz! You are included in my prayers.

Cecile said...

i love this tag; thanks for including me, dear, Madz :-)

and goodluck with the prenancy and board exam :-); may all you wishes come true!

Umma said...

Dhangz.. daghan ka na kaayo ug fans diri.. super popular na ang beauty ni juntis hahaha..

Mouli ka diay sa Pinas for your delivery.. bitaw ok ra sad na naa ka sa Pinas kay daghan mapuli nimo bantay sa anak esp bag-o ka lang nanganak di ba?

Naa ka na name para sa baby mo? Search ka na sa internet para daghan kang pilian.

BTW, pagkahaba sad ni nga tag oi! Mag libog man ta ani paminsar sg atong birthday wish.. bago ra man ko nag birthday hahaha.. my bday was 24th of December.. we spent it on Vegas..

Good Luck na sad sa imohang plano na pag take ug board exam ha? pero naunsa ka man sad.. di ba you should be pahinga, tapos kuha ka exam, pressure ka naman ana.. hay beauty mo, pisana jud kaayo.

Dhemz said...

hello dangz...kumusta ang buntis..hehhe! salamat tuod sa tag ha...agoy sunod ra man day ato birthday..ako sa August...hehhe...kamo nuon sunora ni Hazel...hehheh..good luck sa imo mga wishes dangz sure God will grant all your wishes...good luck sad sa imong CPA exam....take your time muna sa pag bed rest para wala hassle..lisod bya ang mabuntis..kaya careful jud permi...heheh!

Nana mo plans sa imo hubby unsa name? hala ka no..d jud ko ka tagad nga maging ninang...hehhe...joke! Hala ka uy..hehhe...pag prepare na dayon sa mga maternity clothes...hhahah...dapat magshopping jud ka ug daghan pag uli nimo sa dha ha...ayaw na palabi ug OT kay biri-birihon unya ka...hehheh..joke!

Hala sige tuod..nanako answer sa imong question about atong "devil egg" hahhah....chicka ra ta sunod...:) mhuah!

chubskulit said...

Ouch, being a mother is the great profession in the world sis. Your sister can be a great nurse but its nothing compared to be a great MOm that she would be.

It s good that you are planning to review again, they say that preggies are lucky. Am just concerned that the stress you will go through will affect your pregnancy, but hopefully it wont.

When are you going to the Philippines? Will be going there this March.

Hey, just a piece of advise, take care of your first trimester becAUSE THAT is the critical stage of being preggy. You may consider taking a break from work (just a thought), mas mabuti na yung rested ka.. Ingat lagi gorgeous preggy!

Salamat nga pala sa tag, will grab this soon..

Lynn said...

elow sistah! thank u sa visit and sa comments og aning tag pud. will post this soon ha.

musta naman ang buntis? swerte jud inig buntis ay kay daghan opps. LOL.

ingatz always. mwahugs!

Rechie said...

Wow te, congrats in advance..bali 2 birthday celebration na daun ka-nice. Thnks by the way te for sharing this tag to my Whereabouts blog..thanks for linky love hehehehe..i grab this tag here now

niko said...

ow dear, hubby and i are wishing for a twin too!! hahaha :)

i wish u are having twins!! coz i know u will be happiest and i will be very happy for u dear :)

am trying to read the comments but i can understand a little.. haha i dnt know bisdak much haaaay sayang hihihi

ill pray for ur safe 9 months and ur safe delivery my dear! u and the BABIES will always be in my prayers!

sleep ka na! bawal magpuyat ang buntis!!

oi i will be so much honored na maging ninang ng babies mo dear!!!!! waaaaah cant wait september already!!!

happy birthday in advance! mwah mwah hahah

Madz said...

Uy Haze this is wonderful to know that our birthdays are very close to each other!

Thanks for all your wishes too.. nice to have read this meaningful comments of yours..

NAMES FOR MY BABY? Well, I think we still stick to our original plan last year! it if a boy will be - JASON ANDREW (Andew his brother's name, while Jason hubby's choice)..if a baby girl - JASMINE TRISH (Trish our both mothers' nickname, while Jasmine is my choice)...

Madz said...

Uy sistah Rose, I am intrigued about what you said that PREGGIES ARE LUCKY? So maybe I should pursue it then? heheheheh

Thanks for your sweet advise sistah, yes in fact, we are both worried since we had to leave the country by the 10th of Feb and take note we travel by road - a 12 hour drive! I was really thinking that maybe I'll just have to stay here til March, but the trouble is, I can't stay here alone without hubby (his last working visa expires by then), therefore we have to leave on time! Flight? no more flights here anymore as people opted to go road trips.. huhuuhh anyway, I know we can make a plan...

Weng F. said...

hello madz, thanks for this tag, will grab this later. sus ang dami kung wishes,hehe.
good luck sa pregnancy, first time baby ba?
good luck then sa review, exam and more.
take care always.

Lanie said...

hello dai madz, thank your for passing this birthday wish award. I will take this later ok. thank you and you take care and your bb inside. mauh

Cookie said...

Hi madz! Thanks for tagging me and thank you very much for dropping by at my site. sorry na busy akong beauty ha. kapoy na kaayo ko after duty oi. Thank God it's friday today but then I'm sleepy na gani. Be doing this tag soon.

Oi, buntis ka pala. Goodluck ha and I wish you all the best. Be praying for your safe pregnancy, too! Take care, miss beautiful! Mwah!!

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