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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did You Know That Staying Up Late at Night Makes You Fat?

I beg your pardon? So that means, that those blogging addicts (like me) are putting on weights while having numerous sleepless nights sneaking in for apps? Do you all agree with these friends? I

BUT I AM NOT... DO YOU? Who can tell me if this is true if you have noticed on yourself or you can prove it or if this is yet to be proven or has already been proven to be true?

I know some of us have missing some point here: The longer we are awake, the more we eat and sitting at a computer is not burning many calories at all. Well, yea if we eat while blogging, definitely it will be especially we are sitting down for hours. Like me now, I just had a bar of Galaxy chocolates.. uumm yummy, if I continue doing this and will eventually makes a habit, then I will get fat!!!!

This is the other side of the story: While on the other hand, s
taying up later at night we'll tend to lose weight faster, because metabolism burns more calories than if we're asleep. Long work days will certainly make one loose weight. Seems that when the lights are off, our body is sedated by melatonin, and hunger pangs abate until we awaken.Assessment: This is far more productive than lying in bed wishing you were asleep, right. This is another story, another case - INSOMNIA.... But I tell you what, I am addicted to both daytime and night time! I mean, how can a person resist all those fascinating people, interesting stories and earning bucks in blogging! I could wander around blogosphere for DAYS. For example, my hubby is still at the lounge chatting while having some drinks with our friend who just got back from vacation, and it's now 1:30am and I'm STILL HERE. And having a great time! I really should log off now. No.......maybe later......hahahahaha ...

One thing that I know for sure, this is what happens to me after blogging....
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S-H-Y said...

Is this true?? hehehe parehas din tau girl I slept around 2 or 3 in the morning here since I have a blog and addicted to it..pero i think hindi to totoo dpende lng cheguro kung grabeh kung kumain..

Madz said...

Indeed, only if you eat while blogging!! hahahhaa

Madz said...

Indeed, only if you eat while blogging!! hahahhaa

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