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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hope My Future Baby Will Be Full Of Mischief - In A Good Sense

Please do bear with me, I just love looking at cute and funny babies! They always make my day, couldn't help it and sharing them to you is may be the only way I could get over it... LOL.. Don't tell me that would mean to have loads of babies in the future? uummm I don't think so.. hahaha, maybe two or three is fine with me..

I don’t find time to read newspaper due to my busy schedule, but now a toilet is an ideal location for gathering world news....hahahaha

Get a side i am coming to make you laugh with this one...yahhhoooo

Ate Lanie is requesting to show off the latest photograph of me, to determine if I am carring a baby boy or a baby girl or both!...uummm, wouldn't be too early to tell yet?
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D said...

Hahahahahaha where did you get these pictures Madz? They are so funny and cute! especially the last baby who made a fist. hehehe Regarding finding out the sex of the baby, usually it's accurate if it's around 18 weeks or 4 months. You can try to ask your doctor though. Naa man uban magpa USD at 12 weeks pero dili pa man na accurate. Weeee, excited ko for you Dhangz! Tell us the sex of the baby puhon ha? I hope you get twins.heheheh para isa-isa gyud mo ni hubby.;)

kittykat said...

I am so excited for you dhangz...I can't wait to see my future God child..btw what do you want if you have a choice..a boy or a girl??

Lynn said...

hahaha.. those are funny pics sis. i myself like looking at baby pics. nanganduy lagi og daughter oi. puhon...

SearchingWellness said...

Wow these are cute! Taga Bohol diay sad ka Madz? I read from Hazel's post. Where in Bohol?

niko said...

funny photos!! ay naku am just like u when im preg with yena.. i just cant wait to see her kasi e!!

oi di mo pa ko sinagot, matamis or maasim?? :) tell me please dear..

i think it will not yet show, i mean ur bulging tummy.. ako 5 months na before nag maternity dress :D

ryliej said...

Hahahahah, that kid is gonna freeze to death hahaha..

Sis, I have a tag for you!

I'll grab the birthday tag hehehe.. I'm so late..

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