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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hubby Is Experiencing Some Cravings For Me?

Let me start this with a BIG LAUGH!! Lol , I was laughing to death when hubby told me that he had 2 GREEN APPLES this morning which he doesn't normally do! That as early as 8am before his morning meetings, he had to go to our main kitchen to ask for some APPLES? hahahahaha...

Really weird in the sense that he doesn't normally look for something to
eat in the mornings nor craving for anything at all? DO HUSBANDS CRAVE TOO? Is this for real?

I have been wandering around the net, looking for an answer to this question, but could not find any... Maybe you have the answer for me.

What do I crave instead? Yes same as hubby, I do love eating green apples too, in fact, just two nights ago, I had to see him asking to go to our main kitchen to ask for green apples. Plus during that night I ALSO WANTED TO EAT FRIED CHICKEN...LOL, and at lunch times I always wanted my FRESH TOMATOES mixed with slices of AVOCADO too...

When I mentioned FRIED CHICKEN, he laughed at me instead and said he'll ring up KFC. "You must be kidding me, 'don't you ever tease me like that". We know it doesn't exist here, feel sad really... Though probably our baby is asking to feed him/her.

At least I only crave for foods that we could find here, otherwise, could be worst!
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misty said...

Hi sis, weird to think but its true, husbands are the first to experience the cravings.. that happened to John with our two angels hehehe..

D said...

Hi Madz! hehehe nakatawa ko sa imong post, but I think your husband is experiencing Couvade syndrome. I have learned that in my nursing school. Your hubby is not alone though, daghan pud other husbands experiencing the same thing. I'm not sure how it really works, but from what I can remember, I think it has something to do also with their hormones, there's a change in their hormones as well by being with a pregnant spouse, some shifts in their testosterone, prolactin, etc. It will end once you've given birth. hehehe So mura'g mag antos sa gyud si Hubby nimo ani. hehehe Mura pud siya ug buntis.;)

Dhemz said...

hhahahhahah.....this is very funny! Kakiat jud ay...hhehe...nangala ka sa akong fried chicken no?ehehe...:)

Anyhow dangz am so happy for you as in this is very very hubby when I have Akesha ni gained sya ug weight sab...yung appetite ng soon to be father is mabag-o sab..samot naka...hehheh! Unsa pa man imo cravings dha dangz? Akoa sa una kay french fries..bahala ug tungang gabie ako banana makagdagandagan jud na ug palit ug french fries sa tungang gabie...hhehe! Nagka morning sickness naba ka? I hope maka uli namo sa real world before ka atakehon sa imo morning sickness...kay lisod jud ako na experience sa una..specially pag 1st pregnanacy..halaka uy...hhaha..magtiad-tiad na dayon ka ani puhon...hehheh!

Salamat tuod sa imo mga comments ha..wako ka bloghop gahapon kay sakit akong tiil ug bloghop...hhehe..mamawi rako ron. Ana man ang mga bata mo lingkod dangz,..flexible man jud sila..hhehe..dont worry makita rana nimo puhon sa imo baby...:) NInang bya jud dayon ko ha..bantay lang...hhehhe....chicka rata sa other blogs dha ha!

niko said...

ahhahah! i was laughing while reading ur post!

i dont believe husbands could crave for their preg wives until my hubby did!! :) he actually looked for green mangoes back then and could eat a kilo while i crave for chocolates.. hehehe

i guess its really true! wink

Umma said...

Hahaha, my hubby didnt experience anything when I was infanticipating. But I believe daghan pud naka experience ana dhangz...
Mayo ra kay wa ka nag crave ug food nga wala dira sa Angola..otherwise paita kaayo oi!

Ako sad cge pangita ug green mango ang akon gikaon ano na apple with vinegar or bagoong.. weird hahaha..

Nagsuka ka ba Dhangz? excited na mo no?

Lynn said... hubby never experienced that one but i've heard that some hubbies did. perhaps sa musunod nako nga hubby. LOL. nus-a pa kaha siya muabot ay. hehe.

ayo ayo, tit ang ingatz lang. mwahugs!

Madz said...

Hehehe kakaloka tlga mga comments nyo! No wonder I could not find any answer on the net, maybe it depends.. case to case basis I guess! but as far as I know, hubby's could experience any weird hormonal change too... uummmm I am not a nurse, so donnu really the exact explanation regarding this matter!

Don, you could be right, you know better than me... make sense to me Dhangz...

Uy dangz Dhemz, thanks for sharing your thoughts too... so maybe this is quite normal! You were looking for french fries in the middle of the night!! hahahahha

Madz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madz said...

I tell you what I have just thought about it now:


Imagine Dhangz Dhemz - she has Akesha (while her hubby craved for her too), Dhangz Umma - she has baby boy YL (her hubby didn't)...Niko too - she has Yena (her hubby craved green mangoes)..

Uummm you know what I mean?

niko said...

heheh galing ng thought baloon mo! :)

may point ka dun dear.. sabi nila pag hinakbangan daw ng preg wife ang hubby while sleeping malilipat ang cravings sa hubby. looking back, unintentionally ha, i did and hubby craves for mangoes! :) magic! hahah

now u have to choose at huhulaan ko magiging baby mo! anung una mong hinanap? matamis OR maasim!

answer me back and il tell u if its a boy or a girl! hahah :) hohohoho

Chelle said...

Hi Madz, I hope ma-experience rin ng hubby ko ung ganyang feeling someday...:)

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