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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lingeries Every Woman Would Love

Lingerie would always be the first thing we make sure to have inside our suitcases, handbags wherever we go right? Imagine how essential this stuff to us women. We can do without buying new clothes, shoes or even accessories every now and then, but never to deprive ourselves on buying new sexy lingerie. Needless to say, favorite stuffs my husband loves to buy for me.Then it only happens every time we go on vacation in the UK, while we can actually shop online! I found out that Flirty Lingerie offers good quality stuffs, fine leather clothing and lingerie complements the sexy lingerie selection. From sexy lingerie, bridal, sexy, plus size and various sexy costumes in a very affordable prices compared to markets on streets. They also offer various sexy party costumes like Halloween and any private parties year round like School Girl Costumes, French Maid Costumes, Sexy Nurse, Military, Gangster and Cop, Sexy Fairy Tale, Sexy Cowgirls and Firefighters, etc.

I remember we had our biggest production party early this year and we have had to wear any sexy persona costumes. Since there was no way for us to buy here, we had to ask our colleague who happened to be coming back from vacation. If we only knew where to buy online, we shouldn't have asked this poor man. Now, all we do is to get online and buy from here.

While they also offer free shipping for bulk purchases.
Check websites to see vast selection to choose from.

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Kev said...

Hi Madz,

Just wondering if you'd wear this kind of lingerie to a function. I personally wouldn't let me wife wear that :) Maybe i'm conservative.

Have a good day. Cheers.

Umma said...

I love the top picture lingerie.. super sexy ang dating jud.. kelangan mag paslim pa para di makita ang mga fats nato hahaha.

Cecile said...

visiting your blogs dear :-) dropped ec's too! havea great week ahead!@

chubskulit said...

hahhaha, conservative pala si kev lol.. galing mo sis, di ko to nakuha hehehe

Madz said...

Hahaha, oo tlga sistah Rose tawa nga hubby ko sa knya eh! Then my hubby said to me "I told you not to mention that phrase there", he thought that his parents would gonna say the same too... hehehe

Madz said...

Likewise sis Umma, I like the 1st photo... uummm I wish I could totally get rid of my fat bellies... I still have to do lots of exercise...

mwah wmah

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