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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Pregnancy Test Result and Poems for My Future Baby

I was so overwhelmed the moment I saw the result when I took my test the other day. We both could not even stopped putting smiles on our faces and thanking God to have been given another chance again, another hope to see the fruit or maybe fruits:) of our love and marriage. I could not ask for more now, except to have a healthy pregnancy and of course a healthy baby. That the little angel inside of me could be able to survive for 9 months, that she or he is eager to see us same as what we do!

My baby, here I am to offer you my love as your mother:

How Much Longer
Mitzi J Confer

I'm waiting so impatiently

To see your sweet face

It seems to be taking forever

Before my life, you Grace

My arms long to hold you

To touch your soft skin

How much longer now

Before I see your tiny chin

All my instincts tell me

It has to happen soon

But as the days and weeks go by

My life is filled with gloom

How much longer, Lord

Must my arms ache to hold

This precious life inside me

His birthdate yet untold

From the Beginning...

Mothers give the greatest gift,

that we on earth can receive.

A life to live and love to give;

the day she does conceive.

She carries me close, inside her.

Her heartbeat I do hear.

Her voice sounds like Angels singing-

The first sweet sound I hear.

Her touch is; Oh so gentle.

So secure I feel inside.

Only wondering how much longer,

in her womb I must abide.

Then the day comes,

when I no longer need to stay.

I only want to be outside-

in her arms I wish to lay.

I twist I turn,

I push I shove,

I open my eyes

and look above.

So scared I feel,

I just want to hide,

then her voice I hear,

so close by my side.

Then I see her-

The most Beautiful sight I've seen,

reaching out for me- her eyes full of tears,

yet still a happy gleam.

I snuggle and cuddle,

as close as I can.

As she kisses me gently,

and then takes me by my little hand.

I love her instantly,

as much as my small heart can bare.

Bundled up in her arms;

I grasp a strand of her soft hair.

I wrap it in my hand,

So, so very tight.

wanting to make sure that-

she is with me throughout the night.

I settle in quickly,

and slowly drift off to sleep.

As my mother carefully watches over me,

and counts each toe on my feet.

I see her in my dreams,

I feel her in my heart.

And I know this feeling will be here, in life,

even if we are apart.

So Mother, when you think of me,

know that this is true;

When I think of Undying Love,

Mother I am thinking of YOU!

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kittykat said...

Congrats Madz...hala kahilakon gud ko..weird huh..I am just so happy for you..FIY..I have been wanting a baby myself..problem is I don't have anyone to father the baby..hahahaha..

Umma said...

Kalami man jud ang feeling of being a mother dhangz no? I know the feeling bec I've been there..

Super sweet man nimo na mama sad oi! wa pa si baby naa na sia ug poem dedication from you hahaha..

Oi! dhangz.. when will be the expecting date nimo diay? ilang weeks ka na ba?

Ay! pareho diay mo ni sister no? parehas man gali ang situation nyo subong.. Lipaya siguro didto sa inyo kay double celebration man hahaha.

Maus said...

congrats again sister...
how sweet naman ng future mama..
im here sister still super tamad pa din ako!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so happy for you!!!
Take care of that baby ha?
I had high risks pregnancies so doble ingat din ako nun.
Always eat for two!

niko said...

i have to congratulate you one more time dear madz!!! the joyous feeling just reached me through and through.. am just so happy to know u are expecting! :)

i will be adding ur 3 blogs on my blogs tom at work, ihave slow connection here at home haaay.

you take care always ha!

Madz said...

Thanks once again for all the wishes and advices, I do appreciate those friends... mwahwmah wmah

Madz said...

Sometimes, I regret of spreading it, I am just scared of getting too excited to soon and will get disappointed in the end... all I need is prayers too sistahs, nothing is impossible with God!!

LIZZIE said...

Wow Madz.. I'm sorry for finding out a little late.. This is so exciting! I'm very happy for you Madz. Hope to see the bundle of joy in another 9 months! Take care of yourself ya..

Don't regret what you've told.. Just make sure you stay healthy and don't over-exert yourself. *^_~*

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