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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spectacular Attractions In Northumberland, North of England

Wow, what a coincidence to have been bumped into this northumberland cottages, since we are planning to visit my husband's Uncle and Auntie who also live in this county - Northumberland. Would be our first time. They live at River Cottage in Felton, though I haven't been there yet but I know for sure they are just around the corner. Really so exciting! We'll be flying out from here at work (Angola) by the 10th of February and would be heading there by the next week after we get there. If I am not mistaken, this would be around an 8-hour drive from where we live in Kent. This is absolutely one of the things too hubby and I love to be doing when we are at home - STROLLING AROUND, to see these impressive country sides of England.

By the way, my parents-in-law had spent their New Year at their place. They both said that one of the things they adore and fond of about this place is, its just amazing and different from where they live. They mentioned names of the places but I have this syndrome to forget things or names especially if I have never been to or experience myself. Let's all find out here.

Apparently, we can see all its attractions this place has to offer at Total Travel, a UK company/website which basically gives us all information of the places of our interest anywhere in England. One that excites me about is this Wooded Gorge of the Allen River - an extensive area of woodland gorge and rocky river scenery, also its magnificent ancient creations/buildings - museums, lighthouses,
castles, and various galleries and amusements. If you are interested to visit in the future, you can visit Northumberland Cottages to get all the information on various things and activities to do and to see in this place, like your Accommodations (houses, cottages, hotels, motels, backpackers lodges, bed and breakfast), Apartments, Caravan Camping (if you are interested in), Yachts, Boats, Retreats, Farmstay, etc...
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