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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thought Of Buying The Latest LCD or HDTVs with High Definition Digital Ready?

Yes we do! Since my husband and I work overseas, we don't really bother yet of upgrading our gadgets, any old electronics or any appliances we have at the moment at home in the UK. The reason being, that no one stays in our house except for occasional visits of my parents-in-law. We do four month on one month off rotation, so it is quite unrealistic really which we won't be able to enjoy it. If we are at home in the UK, sitting on a cosy couch while watching television is one of hubby's relaxing past time, with matching one or two bottles of beer, with me of course (but I don't drink beer, only to be cuddled). We both love to watch National Geographic channel, and some movies as well if there's any interesting ones. But if the Top Gear is on, ah ah no chance for me, but for as long as he can watch his favorite then I am happy too. Needless to say, this is the only time we could sit down, do nothing and watch until we both fall asleep, without worrying about of sleeping and getting up early to go to work the following day. We get up whenever we like!

Until one day in September (last time we were at home), our television packed up for some reason. However, it was only a couple of days before we fly back in again to come back to work. Obviously, didn't really bother to buy a new one at all, we used our laptop instead when we wanted to watch DVD. It wasn't that long until we left home, while we remembered to buy everything our colleagues asked us to bring back, and one of them was digital camera. We looked around on high streets, but found nothing. So we decided to just buy at the airport, in an Electronic shop inside Heathrow Airport building.

Loads of displays, and there were couple of television sets playing various adverts. It was my first time to see these magnificent televisions, I looked around until I found my hubby fascinated by these stunning huge LCD with High Definition Digital TVs. I came close and said to him this must be very expensive, so I asked is he was going to buy the same. He said he will next time we go on leave again, and its going to be next month.

It was unbelievable how sharp the p
ictures are, clear with a variety of settings, sound was really loud, treble was very good and it really serves the purpose of TV very well. Then we tested this on sky standard box, laptop with HDMI, shop's PC VGA connection and on PS3. It was just superb on everything we wanted to threw at it. Never mind I said, next time we come back. I know high-definition television has been on the mind of every TV buyer. The big question is whether now is the time to pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars more and take the plunge on an HDTV set.

Televisions are expensive beasts, but they fall into a few distinct price categories. Here at Savebuckets, will help better align the set of your dreams with the reality of your bank account.
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