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Friday, January 23, 2009

What do You Love About Your Husband

I wished my husband is a blogger too, so he could read every bits I write here, but what I do instead is ask him to open it if there's something I wanted him to read especially those comments from my friends. Flattering comments as he may called them, he's been so happy for me to have found more friends in blogging, not just earning knowledge and money, but most of all a treasure which couldn't be taken away from me or from us - the pleasure of having loads of friends.

Anyway, we don't talk about friends here, do we? lol.. This is to be dedicated solely for husbands... I don't know where to start really.. Dhangz Umma had given me this interesting tag, hubby's are lucky huh! Wished there could be a husband blogger too to start spreading a tag for wives, but then who's going to write for me the fact that hubby is not a blogger! Anyway, uummm give me another 24 hours to compile everything hahahahaha.. not that much!

Okay, here we go:

I always love him the way he makes me laugh all the time! Look at his photo above, its a typical him who always makes faces (only in front of me).. hahaha... HE DOES WHAT HE CAN DO TO MAKE ME LAUGH. Even if I am extremely angry whether at him or at somebody else, his silly-funny faces always make me laugh!

I have known my husband for a total of almost 7 years now and been married for only a year and 2 months. His undying love from the very beginning makes me love him even more! I do appreciate everything you've been doing for me my luv!


I love his style or motive in decision making, that he has to wait and consult to me first before making any move at all! That we have to agree things first before taking the first and final steps.

I love the way he confides in me all his plans for our future kids, our future as a couple, our future house, our future business, our future professional kids, where they have to go to school and finish their degrees (which will be in UK)...


I love him for his reasons of buying our flat in the UK (temporary for th
e moment), that he wanted to have one close to primary school, church, local village's supermarket, close to the post office, Chinese and Indian take-aways, high school, public park - which they are all walking distances. For the reason being, to be more convenient for me while he is working abroad....


I love the way he handles things - that he always comes up with the right thing to say and to do especially in dealing with my moods - when I'm confused, angry or hurt. He knows exactly what to say to ease my feelings....


I love the way he thinks and provide everything even before I say it. He knows how to interpret my facial expressions. Plus every time we go on vacation (off from work), he always thinks of going to a place where I wanted to visit....


I love his being forgetful - he tend to forgets loads of things when it comes to himself but never he forgets anything for me.. hahahaha, that favors me really! hehehe joke luv!


I love his devotion to our marriage, to all our plans for the future and I love not only him, also his whole family - for having been welcomed heartily and warmly in their family!


Last, but not the least, I love his reasons of giving me that WONDERFUL BEACH WEDDING IN MAURITIUS - because HE WANTED TO TELL THE WORLD HOW HE LOVED ME SO MUCH, even if it would meant for him to have spent an equivalent of a BMW car, he didn't mind it. I felt so loved, and felt the luckiest woman in the world! I never realized to have had a wedding as wonderful as we had, which was more than a dream, a fairytale to be proud of until the end of time! Plus the chance he had given to my both parents to travel outside the Philippines, a very romantic holiday at the same time. Thank you so much honey...

I think everyone has this tag already in their blogs, sistah Umma has most of the names I wanted to share this with. Never mind, I will encourage everyone to grab this and share with us HOW LUCKY YOU ARE TO HAVE YOUR HUSBAND!!

Oh I love this tag Dhangz... Thank you kindly.... Whew, I changed my mind, I will pass this on to (excluding those ones been tagged by sistah Umma) Nanay Belen, Beth, Grace Draper, Benrechie, Rechie, Recel, te Lanie, te Ces, te Mira, Lingz, Weng, Chelle, Filipina, Ria, Lynn, Faye, Mom Gen, Mom Joy, Iyrel, Poray, Belle, Maria, Mommy Elvz, Mommy Liz, Mharms, etc...
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Cecile said...

was here again dear, Madz suroy lang gihapon :-)

dhemz said...

ahak..hhaha..amigason man sab ta ug ayo dire uy....hahhah...gpamaak na jud ko ug ayo ay...hhehehe!

Maygani Dangz no kay buotan ato mga bana,..buotan kung d masuko...hahhah! Lagi ay maygani kay kita ang mga dominator...haha...isog jud ning dugo ang BISDAK sa....hhaha..makalingaw man ni nga tag uy.

You are one heck of a lucky lady to have found a wonderful husband like wishes to you both....:)

Umma said...

Im really overwhelmed to realize that even though we were married to foreigner guys.. indeed we are still the domineering wives above them hahaha...

Bitaw Dhangz.. you are so lucky to meet a guy like him..tama si sistah Dhemz.. gin pamaak na me diri basa sg love story mo. hahaha

I couldn't wish anything for you na bec you have everything na jud.. one lucky woman hahaha..

Oi!! maayo ra na nag resigned ka na diay sa work mo dhangz.. your baby is more important jud above anything... kelangan mabuo jud ang baby this time..
kay kaguapa jud na mugawas..

Hala!! hve you noticed mag cge man ko sulti ug guapa.. hahaha.. I bet ang baby mo will be a GIRL!!! hahahah

Lynn said...

elow sistah!

mustamos? murag 3 na ka tag ako utang nimo ba. will try to post them all later. i don't have my husband with me anymore but i will still do this tag and reminisce again. remember the good things that he's done for me despite my flaws. drama diay? hahaha.

sige sistah, ayo ayo diha. mwahugs!

Cecile said...

grabbed na nako to, but still working on it :-) will let you pag human na pud :-)

salamat, lucky ba ya mga pinay sa atong bana, devoted gud na sila sa ato hehehe, ambot sila ba lucky sa ato a :-)...of course they are!

Hazelicious929 said...

hello dhangs! kumusta ka na dyan? I love reading your "what do you love about your husband?" You have a sweet and loving husband.

Take care of yourself Dhang Madz... bed rest ka lang para you and your babies are fine and health... eat healthy food dhangs

Geraldine Anne said...

hehe..your welcome :)

enweis i added your other blog - pls add me too in this blog.. thanks :)

Joops said...

oh wow, you are both so lucky to have found each other!

Congratulations, my wife told me that you're preggy. We wish you good health!

niko said...

wow!! im green with envy sa wedding mo dear madz.. but my hub cnt afford that hohoho, im happy for u!!! i know u are loved sobra ng iyong hubby!!! its in the way u write it.:)

ingat lagi buntis. i 'll be praying for u and ur family!! for all ur wonderful plans.. and for my future inaanak.. hahaha ingat h! and just like umma hula ko girl baby mo!! :) tell me anu una mo hinanap na food, maasim o matamis?? leave ur answer sa message box ko ha.. :)

out n ko. gising na yena :D

misty said...

hala, bisaya na naman dito hahaha... nakakaenjoy talaga basahin dialect nyo, naiintindihan ko ng konti..

Oiii namumulupot sa tamis hehehe..

Rechie said...

Hello ate madz, thanks for the tag..i got this tag from Umma the max ang sweetness dri...hehehehe...Naa sad ko tag for you te..this tag for all the Filipinos only here is the link

Lanie said...

I can tell you both in love and you found your love with your lalab is very deep. He is so good on you, but don't take for granted sa iyang kaubu-otan ha lol. thanks for the tag and I will grab this one of this days. Take care sa imong pagbuntit.. you need to show yourself in the photo here so we can guess if your having a baby girl or a boy. take madz

Elizabeth said...

wow, inggit din ako sa beach wedding mo, parang ung napapanood ko sa reality show about weddings dito. your hubby must've love you so much to splurge that much!!!
ingat ka lagi ha? again, eat for two!!!

MommyElvz said...

hello Madz! thanks sa tag :) will let you know when i'm done, siguro medyo matagal ko 'tong pag-iisipan..hehe


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