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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Won't Be Advertising My Blogs Through Entrecard

I am sponsoring at least 2 CONTETS (and will be 3 if ever), and will be on in a few weeks time (or this coming February), which are being hosted by Ate Mira and Gengen. In view of this, I am saving my EC credits since I have offered to give EC CREDITS and CASH PRICES. Take note, same offer from each of my 3 BLOGS (so times 3)...:)

Dropaholics mates, droppers, readers, EC advertisers - don't be surprised if you won't be seeing my EC badges around for at least a month, this would also mean that you won't be receiving any advert requests from me in any of my 3 blogs. Except of course those who want to advertise on my blogs, you are all welcome to do so, it is always my pleasure to serve you guys!!

But the good news is, you will be seeing me more often to drop them as much as I could to be able to earn more credits. Will try to break the 300 EC drops a day every blog, every single day! hahaha... Here we go again, if I am 92% addicted to blogging, probably the next thing would be - I am 100% EC dropaholic!! Yahooooooooooooo
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