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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

H.M.S Warrior - Portsmouth Historical Dockyard - Day 2

This is where the world's famous historic ships at the home of the Royal Navy. This is a great place to experience 800 years of naval history surrounded by working docks and historic buildings.

We spent the whole day here (our 2nd day), though it was raining and freezing cold!

In June 1987, after eight years of restoration work in Hartlepool, "HMSWarrior" finally returned to Portsmouth. Launched in 1860, this 418ft/127m long ship (9,700 tons) ranked in its time as one of the biggest and best equipped warships of its type. It had never actually seen active service when it was taken out of commission after 23 years.The only surviving member of Queen Victoria's Black Battle Fleet, Warrior was used for 50 years as an oil jetty at Milford Haven before being restored to her former glory.

Selection of revolvers were used by officers during those times....Officers and captain's dining table....
Notice how huge the cannons are to fight against enemy ships (one in every window) - the cannon balls weighed between 10-15 kgs!!
Ship's galley where the foods were being cooked and distributed...

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amiable amy said...

tugnaw diay ayo? putos man ka kaayo hahahaha...pagka nindot ba sa palibot Madz oy , makaanha kaha ko diha?

faye said...

ganda naman ng mga kuha mo
but for sure malamig hehe

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