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Monday, March 2, 2009

We Visited The 'Ancient Town of RYE'

RYE Town is one of my favorites to visit here in England, I call this a 'relaxing town' for me. Whenever I get tired of going to busy streets, I always recommend and ask hubby to visit this town. We went there last Saturday afternoon, quite a pleasant day though, the sun was up and not too cold. Myself holding my shopping bag, as usual lol. Well never had a day out without any bags on our way home....Don't we all?

Located in East Sussex is a corruption of an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning an island. Rye's historic core, sited on a hill overlooking a landscape of green pastures, was once almost enveloped by the sea. Its position on a narrow neck of land with the wide estuaries of the Tillingham and Rother rivers on each side was significant. It could watch over the surrounding Romney Marsh, and, as a port, it guarded the land from foreign invasion.

After the long walk we had, we headed straight to their beach at "CAMBER SANDS" - I call it FREEZY COLD BEACH...LOL... Imagine how cold the water would be most time of year, only except summer! This place is pretty full during summers...

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Maus said...

thanks for sharing sis this picture kahit sa picture parang nakarating na ako sa london..hihi
musta ang buntis?

Lynn said...

wow ha! pang model ang pose nimo sistah!

ingatz tit! mwahugs!

kittykat said...

hi sarap naman ng buhay ng buntis..pirmi lang laag2x..enjoy mare and share more photos of your adventures okay..

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