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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leeds Castle, Kent - Part III

We always come passed this castle on the way going to my parents-in-law's place, but we never thought of going into this place until the Kent Police hosted the National Police Dog Trials on the 22nd-26th of this month, which we did go last Friday with Alfie and my in-laws. We spent the whole afternoon there and we really had a good fun especially we had Alfie - the little man!Leeds Castle in Kent, England, has been called the "loveliest castle in the world". Listed in the Domesday Book, this castle has been a Norman stronghold, a royal residence and a royal palace. It's situation is stunning, set on two islands in a magnificent lake. The Royal Manor was originally built in 857AD and owned by the Saxon royal family. After the Norman Conquest, work began on building the first stone castle on the site.

That's me doing some
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Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Wow, kanindot sa paraiso dri oi..og kacute sa baby boy..gwapa sad kaau ka te Madz, blooming

Lynn said...

lovely pics, sistah. practice na jud ka tulod stroller no. hehe.

Dhemz said...

wow..the place is is indeed stunning dangz....ka green kaayo sa palibot...lamia sad diha no kay siligan ninyo mga castle man...hehhee..tapos prince, princess and kings and queens pa dayon..sos basin mga royal blood nang imong mga inlaws dangz ha...secreto lang ka diha...hehehhe!

Woi ang buntit..sige lang japon pa sexy sa suot...pag maternity na ug suot woi...kaw sad kay...para sad maka ginhawa imong baby bumps ba...tapos d huot ang paminaw...hehehe!

Tuod dangz si banana nako d na sya ga inom..hehehe..aside sa juice ug cider...hehhehe! pero usahay mag wine me...kay para man daw na sa heart..pero ako man sagulan ug grape juice...hehhehe!

Bongga man sad imo banana kay whiskey2x lang man..ikaw ba dangz ga whiskey sad ka? hehhehe!

woi thanks tuod sa mga bisitas and commentos diha permi...mwah!

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