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Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Unfinished Garden

We have been working out on at least to see the beauty of our "dream garden", though it seems near yet too far from happening! LOL... that the more we force ourselves to get going, and however it looks as though nothing has never get done!!

Just have a look this shed base alone, for a 10 x 6 ft size - which an ideal extra room for storage (where we can store the cleaning equipments, materials and all the bits and pieces), while we started it more than a month ago and still unfinished! What about the shed? Yes we have received it already but still waiting for the base to be done...
Here are some of my flowers ready to be transferred into flower beds along the fences.Here's Alfie (photo below) with hubby clearing out all the rubbish... We really had a good fun with him since he was telling hubby what to do next by saying "that one" and he didn't want to stop as well. He loves staying in the garden.
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niko said...

am so excited to see the outcome of this dream garden.. heheh. :)

surprise us buntis ha!!

miss hearing from u mare.. i know u are very busy. silip lang kta while having lunch. ingat ha!

dhemz said...

woi miss ta naka ug ayo woi..I owe you big time..wala pako ka reply sa imong message kay was sore from the easter weekend...sos pastilan...hehhee!

woi tuod nabay easter egg hunting dha?

aha...mao diay ni imong unfinish garden ha....hehehhe...dako pa kaayo ka ug humanon dangz...hahha..apil sad ko...unsa man mag pahina ko? hehhee...basta libre snack ok lang ha....hehehe!

kumusta naman imong baby bumps...sige naba ug lihok lihok?

woi tuod dangz kalami sa imong mga tanom...ako sad woi wala pa jud ka improvements akong garden kunuhay...sos tapulan man sad ko usahay lagi woi...:)

nag binignit baka adtong semana santa? hehehe....joke..dire tawon no kay way klaro ang holy week..mas namiss nako ang sato sa pinas....:)

woi nag change tuod ko ug blog url...atot kaayo woi...I need to update all the people to change my url...hahaha...what a pain in the head...hehehhe!

sige dangz mag chika rata puhon puhon...I need to update my blog first kay murag ubay ubay raba nga paid sites akong updateton...hehhe...miss you a lot! mwah....lovelots...see yah....:) au0au dha buntit!

Lynn said...

wow sistah! ka nice sa imong garden. look at those flowers. ako way garden kay si mama may hilig. pero if naa na ko sarili nakong yuta, gusto jud ko naa garden.:)

missed yeah sistah. thank u for posting the awards. mwahugs!

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