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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Unfinished House in Laguna Philippines

Not all of my friends and readers know that I went to work in Angola when I was young as 21 years of age! I was the youngest employee in our company's history (ITM Mining Ltd), while in fact, everybody used to call me as "bunso" (meaning little sister or youngest sister of everybody at work!)... But it was 9 years ago, I am close to a calendar end now! LOL....

In my first 4 years of working, I managed to send my two sisters in university up until they were finished! Moreover, I decided to acquire a house and lot in Binan Laguna (as investment at Evergreen Subd.) at the same time. However, by the time I decided to give it a go, the agent who was dealing with it who happened to become my friend in the end, convinced me to buy the EMPTY LOT beside the HOUSE & LOT offer (it should have been another house if only someone have had bought it). It was a last minute decision while the paper works of the first one was on the process, and without having a second thought I BOUGHT IT TOO.
As shown on photos, I decided to consolidate the two properties (total of 160 sq. meters) into one and set a gate to secure, plus another 3 meters extension to the house itself!... It used to be just a plain 60 sq mtr floor area house (2 bedroom, with kitchen-dining and living room in one phase, a garage and provision for laundry or dirty kitchen at the back), small wasn't it?
Now, it has converted into a 3 bedroom house and a separate dining room and a big living room, with a big kitchen at the back!Mind you the house was finished and ready for occupancy for about 4 years back then, but I didn't bother to make any plans at all because I was very very disappointed the way it was constructed for the total acquisition cost + interest after 10 years of payment scheme!

In short, I am paying more than enough to have a two-storey house (3-4 bedroom house) with garage and big garden, if only I had cash back then!

Off the record, I have been renting an apartment in Pasay for almost 10 yrs!!!.... until my sisters have finally moved in to this house last week. I didn't have the photographs of the finished one yet, but will post them as soon as I have.

By the way, perhaps you would wonder why on earth I have a color green house LOL... To be honest with you, I don't like it either - but this was the developer's choice of color! Actually, they had CREAM and GREEN, but I didn't really know the color until it was finished! SO, I HAD NO CHOICE AT ALL, and we all have to live with it to the fullest!
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maxiVelasco said...

wow Madz! great accomplishment for you! it really feels good when you have done something good with your earnings, right?

i love color green as it's so friendly to the eyes.

thanks for sharing your experience and the photos here bunso! kidding!

have a great day1

maxi of and

niko said...

bongga mare, i thought tuloy favorite color mo ang green..

i know one day soon mabibisita kita dyan! lapit lang yan sa'min hahaha

nice house! u are so blessed mare.. congrats for ur green house! :)

Lanie, said...

It is a beautiful house Madz, don't worry about the color, you can always change when your ready to change the color in the future. Enjoy your house.

Lulu said...

congratulations! that is a good investment

Lynn said...

wow! naa naman diay ka mini mansion, sistah. haha. the color is nice man. among balay, green pud color actually but it got its color recently lang. for a change as per my dad. kay before, neutral colors ra jud pirmi like, cream and beige.

anyways, ang toy laptop, sis, tag p700+ to. barato ra na for u. hehe. and about eBay, just visit just ask the seller if u have questions re shipping, etc. basi pa diay musugot. pero u would handle the shipping expenses jud. ana jud ila patakaran.

images nga use nako sa blog, sa google ra na nako kuha tanan sis. wa jud ko huna huna nga basi copyrighted to nga image ba. hinuon daghan man nigamit, so gamit pud ko. lol.

na hala, gtg na sistah. ayoayo diha ha. mwah! mwah! mwah!

Dhemz said...

wow in bilib na bilib na jud ko sa imoa woi as in.....this house is gorgeous...can't wait to see the inside.....:)

grabi man diay ka ka donya sa....maulaw man sad ta sa imo...hehhehe....galing napa mga halaman sa it dangz..thanks for sharing! you are one of a sure very proud jud ang imong parents ug siblings sa imo....ikaw jud ang ihimplo sa ila....:)

Woi dangz..thanks sa mga comments ha...makalingaw man jud imong mga commentos...hahhaha...sige lang ko katawa...hangin na sulod ako tiyan...hehhehe!

Woi can't wait to see also your garden..parehas jud mo ni TAmy kay persistent man jud sa garden projects..sos ako tawon permi lang ka pending...hahhaha...way improvements....:)

Siaw man ka woi....hahaha...duda mi duha ni sistah Umma baby girl...hehhehe!

Woi hahha...karawan man siguro ang term...hahhaha...I think music help babies to calm down...anara na sya dangz...para pag mugawas nana puhon..di naka maglisod ug patog kay naanad naman sa askesha...patukaran lang na sya ug music...makatog dayon na sya ug dali...hehehe!

hala sige kay overloaded na sad ning akong chicka susunod na permi!

Cacai M. said...

nice Madz! I love the gate and all! cutie!


hello te!Grabe dami mo ng naipundar te para samen.we're proud of you sis at sana makabawi me sau sa lahat ng ginawa mo para samen.subrang laki n tong bahay n to para sa mga sis ntin,saten.excited n din meng tumira sa house mo!subrang ngpapasalamat me kay Lord dahil ikaw ang naging sis nmin,kc di kami magiging ganito at wala kaming marating s buhay kung wala ka dn n tumulong samen sa lahat.THANKS GOD FOR EVERYTHING & Thank you sis for the love and care.YOU'RE D' bEST SIS!..WE LOVE YOU and miss you!!!
Hope to see you soon!.....

Beth said...

madz, I admire you so much for being brave for your family. You risked going to a foreign country so you can give your family a better life. Sobrang bilib talaga ako. :)

mdali naman palitan ung color e, ang mahalaga, me properties ka na dito di ba? at least me investment na.

ingat lagi! :)

kittykat said...

ayyy Mare I love the color of the fave color "Green"...waaaahhh..bagay na sa akong room coz my room is all in almost everything..hahaha..

BTW mare asa nakapost ang recipe sa adobo??hahaha..ngita ko..

chubskulit said...

Wow dangz, super yaman mo na talaga hehehe.... Good job!

john said...

I can see that you're a very good financial manager.. My wife is the same way..

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