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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alfie with His New Toy Freddie the Frog

We went to see my in-laws yesterday (Friday) and to see the gorgeous Alfie at the same time, as it was their schedule of looking after him. We thought that they might need some help after having him for 3 consecutive days, must be tiring huh! Well, as usual he was as cheeky as ever little gorgeous boy.We got to their place while they were away shopping, and as soon as they got back he was rushed in to the garden where we were, with a big grin on his face as soon as he saw both of us. He loves his Auntie Madz and Uncle Stuart really. It's probably because we both spend time to play with him always.... what an overwhelming emotion, indeed! In fact, he often calls our names even not seeing us for couple of days.... Then his Nanna bought him a TOY FROG, and ohhh he was so eager to play with it. He asked his Uncle Stuart to SISI (fix it) LOL and add WATER, he still couldn't pronounce most words properly. He even calls Stuart as TUWIT hehehehehe, and myself as MAZZZ...Photo above, he was trying to figure out how the water comes out inside the frog and he all of a sudden I noticed him kissing it!, and next thing he did was squirting water inside his mouth hahaha...
Playing with hubby, spraying some water unto his hands.......and now spraying it all over his face....
....and looking very wet after using at least a litre of water unto his face! silly billy, hehehehe... he really had a good time with us and likewise!
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