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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting Paid of Being A Certified Ethical Hacker!

Have you ever heard about HACKING? Or ever wondered how being a Hacker becomes an ethical job? Would it ever came to your mind that you can actually get paid of being a HACKER? How? This is what EC-Council is all about. It gives us the opportunity to be trained in computer security, which includes the knowledge of what to do if a system is breached, the investigation of any attempted attacks, and the follow up on any computer crimes.

I must admit that I have a little bit of knowledge about hacking, but it wasn't enough to be called as a Certified Ethical Hacker! I even thought that it was illegal all along, but I was completely wrong. It could however bestow us into a world of profession that big businesses and multinational companies do employ to protect their whole system. While the hacking skills may be the same, it is the intent that makes all the difference.

Apparently, in EC council training we would learn the following categories:

- Security Fundamentals
- Ethical Hacking
- Penetration Testing
- Computer Forensics

- Disaster Recovery
- Secure Programming

The field of Ethical Hacking training will only grow as more of the business world finds its home on computer systems that are accessible to the public, either by accident or by deliberate intent. The safety of company information, bank information, and personal data all rely on the ability to defend this information from outside attack.

A working knowledge of the latest hacking techniques is a fluid thing. It is always changing. These qualified individuals perform risk analysis and help the various domains to work congruently to assure a high level of IT Security for the whole system.
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