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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alfie's 2nd Birthday Celebration - Part II

Tuesday the 9th his actual birthday, they went to my parent-in-laws' house to celebrate his birthday again! Mind you he was fast asleep when we got there. However, we thought he was gonna cry as soon as he moved (which he normally does), especially during his first few minutes of waking up, but apparently he did not. Instead, he was looking for more presents LOL... The moment he saw me and his unopened presents from us, he turned his head looking for Stuart (my hubby), and said "Stuit more presents".. It was rather hilarious, and here he is opening his presents..
We bought him a little piano and a set of water pistols, which he then played with his uncle Stuart. He enjoyed it, well anything with water in it as he loves playing with water....He was funny because after he got tired of playing, he was then asking for more presents and more cards! LOl, I'd wonder if he asked his mum the following day!
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cpsanti said...

heehee. i guess for kids, opening presents will always be the high point of a birthday celebration ;-)

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