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Monday, June 15, 2009

I Will Be Alone Soon!!!

Hubby has been busy now of completing all his papers for his working permit of going back to Angola to work again! His presence and expertise is apparently been extremely needed at the moment... Imagine a mining company without a Geologist, it is like a "life without any direction at all".

I just hope I can cope to stay on my own until he comes back again in time for me to give birth. We both really are so lucky to have been given a chance to stay at home for almost 5 months now (mind you that's with pay)...

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Dhemz said...

oh my... I have missed you terribly dangz..musta naman tawon akong amiga woi....:) dugay na jud ko waka dungog sa imo dangz....hope all is well...:)

oh my..when man diay mag larga si Stu...don't worry mag bisita man kaha sila mama mo diha?

agi lang ko kadali dire dangz...miss you a lot...specially our neverending chickas...mwah!

niko said...

wow. prang banka na walang bankero. sobrang vital ng position ni hubby dun.. but still hmmmm kamiss nga.. kaya mo yan mare koy!

after 2 to 3 months naman he will be back pag manganganak ka na..

kaya mo yan mare.. kamusta ka na?? miss u already..

chubskulit said...

wow sarap nyan ah five months with pay.... lucky you talaga dangz,,.. musta na?

Beth said...

wow, with pay, five months? ang galing naman!

kaya mo yan madz, blog ka muna while hubby is away hehehe.

take care and kain ng nutritious food! :)

Tata said...

wow..your lucky my dear..take care always..god bless

amiable amy said...

Dawbi? Pag manganak naka? Balik ka work? Kinsa man bantay sa baby? Bilin naa sa Pinas...hahaha...kalooy. Bitaw, whatever your plan, suportahan taka...hahaha.

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