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Thursday, June 4, 2009

We Went To See Classic Car Show in Duxford

It was a very sunny day, a gorgeous day indeed! We've seen loads of military and civil aircraft that saw service from the first World War through to the present day. They had one of the first prototypes of concorde (the only super sonic air liner). There were lots of Second World War aircraft on display including the famous Spit Fire and the Iconic B17, both of which we were lucky enough to see taking off and landingHubby next to one of his favorite aircraft, the HUEY. He said he's going to buy one if only we have the money or rich enough LOL...The Imperial War Museum Duxford is a museum in Cambridgeshire, England, and commonly referred to simply as 'Duxford' . It is a branch of the Imperial War Museum and houses its large exhibits, including the aircraft and military and naval vehicles collection. The museum has seven main exhibition buildings with nearly 200 military and civil aircraft.

A military airfield during both world wars, Duxford has maintained and still uses its wartime buildings, such as the control tower, operations room and hangars which were used in the 1940s. The Operations Room has been carefully reconstructed to look as it did when Royal Air Force (RAF) personnel directed Duxford's fighters during the Battle of Britain.

Hubby loves to own a CLASSIC CAR one day! But sad to say that because we now wanted a FAMILY CAR, he had to make a sacrifice, just maybe... lol... poor man! But I told him plenty times that he can still buy one, which would only mean to have a proper family car after a year or two! Choose which one do you like, and we'll order and ship it for you... hehehehe
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