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Sunday, June 29, 2008

40 Interesting Blog Topics to Write for New Bloggers

When I first registered to Blogger site, first thing that came to mind was what sort of topics I was going to write, mainly to attract readers. Though my blog is like my personal diary, I can still use these titles, writing posts about these things right?, and the fact that blogging topics is unlimited, well take some ideas from my list below.

So here's my list, get some idea on what to write for your blogs.

1 How I Use Facebook
2 Ways I Embrace My Audience
3 Technology That Empowers Me
4 How Best to Comment on a Corporate Blog
5 How I Find Blogging Ideas
6 Somebody Has to Say It
7 My Children Will Do it Differently
8 The Best Parts of Marketing
9 Presentation Skills for a New Conversation
10 Empower Your Best Customers
11 Just Jump Into Podcasting- Heres How
12 My Community and How You Can Engage It
13 If I Were an Advertiser Today
14 Books I Want to Write
15 Idea Making and How I Make Something
16 What I Spend Money On
17 How I Use My Website
18 Book Shopping- Buy These Books
19 How I Process Blogs and What I Do With All That Info
20 The Internet Application I Havent Seen
21 My Day Job Versus My Passion
22 When I Feel Frustrated
23 Your Ideas And My Ideas- How We Play Together
24 Friends I Cant Wait to Meet
25 Breaking Down My Favorite Blog
26 Facebook Applications I Love
27 Blogging Tactics- How to Keep it Fresh
28 Tools for Blogging
29 Wordpress Plugins I Use And Why
30 Comments versus Blog Posts
31 How I Drive Traffic to My Site
32 News- Is it Useful and How I Might Fix It
33 Handling Critics
34 Sharing and Contributing
35 How Twitter Improved My Blog
36 Facebook Video Improved My Social Network
37 Letting Go
38 Downtime- What I Do Offline to Recharge
38 Joining A Network- Things to Consider
40 Giving it Away

I will try my best to start one by one. Enjoy blogging.
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