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Sunday, June 29, 2008

How I Use Facebook to Promote my Site

The other day while I was wondering around reading various blogs inside my community and thinking about how I could spread my site to be able to get loads of impressions, I thought about of creating a group on Facebook, which I really did! In my search about this, I have learned these few things about Facebook, which I found very helpful for all of us bloggers.

Tip No 1: If you are already a Facebook user, it is pretty much easier to introduce it, just simply invite people who are in your contacts already, or find people or group which you think might get interested of reading your article and subscribing it.

Tip No 2: If you are not a member yet, first get yourself familiarize with its features, its various pages and applications, and follow tip number 1.

Once you have created a page on Facebook, people can then become your “fan” or “supporter”. You don’t have to accept people as a fan and they can’t see your individual profile. On a page you can then easily add relevant pictures and video. You can have a discussion board and add any of the thousands of applications to your page.

As it becomes more difficult to compete in search listings and delivering your messages through email, creating a Facebook page is an easy and effective way to connect to your community.

With over 30 million members worldwide, Facebook is 7th most visited site in the United States and sees over 15 billion pageviews every month.
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