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Monday, June 30, 2008

Stress-Relieving, Fun-Producing Tech Toys

Have you been so stressed of achieving something, trying to accomplish something, stressing yourself too much of having loads of backlogs at work? Well, at the moment YES I AM!... I've really been trying to calm down a bit and try to concentrate instead on finishing especially all the urgent ones, rather than getting on to my feelings.

I had to pause for a while and you know what I just did now? I just squeezed my FROG STRESS TOY (a jelly like toy) which you can really squeeze it hard to let go of your stressful feelings. I am sharing this to help you guys out there of easing your stress a little bit, well this really helps to me. So why not go to your favorite store and try any toys you like.

It may seem next to impossible to find time to relieve stress at work, but a few well-spent minutes can dramatically increase your productivity, enjoyment and health.

I can give you some more practical tips to relieve stress fast:

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths, allowing your rib cage and belly to expand as you inhale. Exhale slowly.

Step 2: Seek a change in venue. Getting away from your work station, even for a walk to the water cooler, can help you collect your thoughts and refocus on the task at hand.

Step3: Laugh! Read one of your favorite jokes or simply laugh aloud.

Step4: Play with a stress-relieving toy or game like a mini-basketball hoop, dart board, foam stress ball or punching bag.

Step5: Close your eyes and listen to soothing music.

Step6: Visualize yourself relaxing at your favorite vacation spot or completing the big presentation with ease.

SMILE and have fun, hope this little tips would help you to get going, especially in the middle of your stressful days.
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