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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Being stocked in the middle of nowhere - Angola, Africa!

This is how my life started in "Africa", in the middle of nowhere…

A very rich country, blessed with enormous diamond, one of the most highly prized gemstones in the world is because of its many desirable qualities and few weaknesses. Don’t get too much excited guys, will create a new post just for diamonds alone!

Never ever that came to my mind to come to work to Africa, well I prayed that I could be able to get a job out of the country, only to earn more money to send my sisters to a decent university, where they can finish their studies, which was my life’s focus back then!

When I first came here way back mid 2000, I was still very young back then! They used to call me “nene” a tagalog shortened for young sister or a young girl. I liked the way they all treated me. Anyway, I got an Accounting Clerk position job but I tell you what? I am not actually doing a proper accounting job at all, which one way or another, I feel envious of those who really practicing of what we essentially studied, but because of money, I was able to stay! I was earning 5 even 6 times of what I used to earn in Manila, well overtime is included. One of the things that I like in this company is that, we are free food & lodging with room cleaners, a dept which takes care of our clothes (both washing & ironing), also we just go to the kitchen eat & leave our plates unwashed. … “what an easy life, I may recall” This is how we feel lucky compared to the rest of Filipinos anywhere in the world,

except,” we are like prisoners staying the middle of bushes, with no shopping, cinemas, no outlets where you can spend your day off to hang-out, or to relax during weekends”.. We describe it as “tough life behind auspicious condition”.

I was on a 12 month contract, now I am under 9 months with 1 month paid & airfare paid ticket. Imagine the amount of excitement I used to feel every time I go on leave to spend 1 month with my family, and feel sad whenever I come back for another 12 months! My formula for living here in the jungle is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.

I managed to stay until have completed the degree of my 2 sisters and found the man of my life, an English man working as Geologist here.

To be continued as a married woman….

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